Mae Ying Lee snatched the bridegroom in the media. Reveal the path of love. Prepare to get married on 3 Nov.

After Mae Ying Lee, Phra Maha Devi, Lord of Thip Announced in the middle of the media interview that they will get married at the end of this year! Most recently, the bridegroom Launched with Amarin TV Ready to reveal the dowry to prepare for the wedding on November 3

by Lady Lee Open your heart to Amarin TV about the path of love that “We have been in contact for a year since we were under But did not release the media or tell anyone. When he came to follow our page, we had a lot of chatting and dating until today. Impressed him for accepting our gender and that we came to this point He didn’t come to expect money, what light to hope for, that made us really impressed with him.”

On the side of the groom revealed that “I didn’t come to deceive. I love you What did I come in to look for? I came because I really loved him. like what he is He took care of everything. A dowry with 1 hundred thousand baht and 5 baht of gold.”

Lady Lee also concluded that “Don’t worry. Mom made a good decision to date and stay with this man. Well done, and she chose that he was ready to take care of her. Mother is already giving people a chance. Open your heart to really love him.”

For the wedding, which will be held on November 3, the theme is pink, the favorite color of Mae Ying Lee.


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