Maeva Ghennam and Greg Yega: We explain their umpteenth breakup!

Maeva Ghennam and Greg Yega have been driving their fans crazy for several years now. And while they had just met, the two candidates of the Marseillais have formalized a new break on the networks today!

At the moment, in the episodes of Marseillais in Dubai, Maeva Ghennam is on a mission to win back her ex Greg Yega! And while we already know that they will end the adventure together, after the shooting, the two candidates were inseparable. Only here, a few hours before returning to France last week, Maeva and Greg separated, for reasons which remain unknown. As if that wasn’t enough, the pretty brunette had to undergo a heavy foot operation a few days later. Besides this weekend, the pretty Maeva was at her wit’s end because of that !

Remember, she confided on Snapchat: “ I long to take a bath. To relax in a bath. In truth, that’s all I miss. (…) Besides, I’m sick of it, I find myself ugly, because I don’t prepare myself anymore. I don’t do my hair anymore, I don’t wear make-up anymore, I can’t take baths anymore. I long to be able to get dressed. In addition, I ordered a lot of beautiful clothes. I long to wear them. And there, it hurts, I can not prepare myself, I feel disgusting and I am at the end of my life. I swear, I can’t take it anymore. (…) Normally in three and a half weeks I could resume my normal life, I hope and find my son, and get back to Dubai soon. »

The details of the last break between Maeva and Greg! Ⓒ Instagram @ zohra.pookie

Maeva Ghennam and Greg Yega: Season 12, episode 36!

Shortly after, it is with immense joy that the fans of the Marseillais learned of a new reconciliation of the two candidates. But still today Maeva et Greg have formalized their break on the networks! As you can read on the catches relayed by zohra.pookie a few hours ago, shortly before joining the filming of the program Objective Rest of the World, Greg said on Snapchat: “Full iron bachelor!” “ A story to which Maeva replied: “When yesterday you were in a relationship and you loved the person supposedly more than anything. (…) And that the day before the shoot you’re single. Acting tour for the show! ” You don’t understand any more? Rest assured, neither do we! Case to follow!

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