“Mafraqsh Maaya Al-Sen” .. Elham Shaheen: “Scenes of temptation from the greatest of all ages.”

08:01 PM

Tuesday 20 April 2021

Books – Muhammad Khamis:

Actress Elham Shaheen confirmed that she preferred fame and work over love at the beginning of her life, which caused her to separate from the first love in her life, indicating that she prefers to work on anything personal, saying: “There is no man who will lead me to my job .. Confidence in myself and the love of people for Leah, the masses, awards and festivals, and men change me and my success. “

Shaheen added in her interview with the “Sheikh of the Warm and the Bold” program with director Inas El-Deghidi, on the “Cairo and Al-Nas” channel today, Tuesday, that there is a complex among men of her success and causes some problems, saying: “Men always love that so-and-so and his wife are told, not so-and-so and her husband. “.

And she continued, that it does not differentiate with her age in any work that she presents, following up: “I appreciate the oldest bold scenes if she is convinced of the role .. And that she was at a young age, she was more beautiful and her shape was more elegant and seductive, and that she was not against the scenes of temptation and participated in acts of seduction,” confirming: “More The films of seduction for me were the pleasure market movie, and I consider it one of my most important roles and one of my greatest roles, because the film is one of the most important films in Egyptian cinema. It is a philosophical film and people are focused on some scenes. ”


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