MAFS star Clare Verrall has criticized Channel 9 in the Sunday Night interview


A former Married At First Sight competitor claimed that "someone will die" following the Channel 9 reality show.

Clare Verrall, who appeared in the second season of MAFS in 2016, he is about to reveal "the dark side" of the TV show in an interview with Channel 7 Sunday evening this weekend.

In a teaser published by Channel 7, Verrall says, "I just wanted a love story and thought it would be like that. I didn't sign up to have my life completely ripped apart."

The former competitor of reality adds: "Someone is going to die. That someone was very close to me."

Verrall suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder when she enrolled MAFS after being attacked in a street in 2015.

In the reality show it was paired with Jono Pitman, who the Herald Sun revealed he was ordered to complete an anger management course after admitting the assault and recklessly provoking an injury to a man in a bar fight in 2008.

"I was very disappointed that, knowing my PTSD story after a violent attack and knowing that I had entered the show seriously trying to get myself out there looking for love, the show and the psychologists made me couple with someone who had known anger management problems and who was arrested for violent behavior, "Verrall said Herald Sun in 2016.

Verrall claims to have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks after the reality show aired and tried twice to end his life.

L & # 39; ex MAFS The competitor went to Instagram yesterday to explain why he decided to talk Sunday evening.

"I have to admit that I am so anxious to do it on the screen because I know that I will be rounded up by the trolls again," Verrall wrote.

"I didn't say anything negative about my Jono match like him, like me he was just one of their puppets. I sincerely wish nothing but happiness.

"My problem is with @ channel9 since the situation in which they involved us was very damaging, particularly for me when I went to the show immediately after a major trauma, with consequent development of PTSD of which they were aware.

"I want to get the message out even if these shows become more and more SUPER-SIZED, the absolute lack of duties of care for the cast all in the name of the rankings is horrible.

"Viewers should know that as soon as the network has earned money from you, the net simply kicks you at the curb, letting you escape into the dust, trying desperately to put it back together."

MAFS it was another success for Channel 9 this year, but Verrall wants viewers to stop tuning into reality shows.

"What will it take for Australia to wake up to what we are looking at and then to support?" Verrall wrote. "Someone has to die before ???

"I only agreed to do this rather intimidating interview so that people can peek behind the fake pageantry in the dark side of some reality TV shows and decide whether to continue supporting these airing shows."

If you or someone you know needs help, contact Lifeline at 13 11 14 or Beyondblue at 1300 224 636

Sunday evening airs at 8.30pm on Canale 7



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