Magaly Medina describes Aída Martínez as ‘woman …’ and ‘poor devil’ for talking about her son Gianmarco Mendoza | Farándula | SHOWS

LA URRACA EXPLODED. . The driver unleashed her fury and called her ‘poor devil’ and ‘slut’ as it indicates that the Arequipa has spoken without evidence.

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“In my social networks I put what I consider and I take care of those who do not want to appear (…) That does not mean that I have a bad relationship with my son, it is the most valuable thing that life has given me and that is how I will continue to protect him. ”, she said very confused.

In addition, Magaly Medina criticized that Aída Martínez spoke as if she knew her family circle, fIt was there where he called her poor devil. In addition, the driver described an Arequipa as a “slut” for her “insulting” statements.

“She cannot speak as if she knows the privacy of my home. You will never step on my house, you people like you will never step on my house “said the magpie.

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Magaly Medina calls Aida Martínez ‘poor devil’ and ‘slut’ (Video: ATV)


In an Instagram video, the Arequipa woman said that Magaly Medina does not enjoy the affection of her son Gianmarco because, according to her own words, she did not even go to her wedding with the notary.

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“If we talk about children, what can we say about Gianmarquito, who did not even go to your wedding, does not love you, does not go with you, and that burns so much in your personal life, that you have to go around putting the children of others in everything you talk ”, pointed out.


Gianmarco Mendoza is the son of Magaly Medina, he is approximately 37 years old and has a degree in Communications in a well-known private university in Lima. The relationship with her mother became complicated during her childhood due to the fact that the entertainment journalist spent most of her time working.

In an interview with Mauricio Fernandini and Mabel Huertas at RPP, Magaly revealed that her second husband, journalist César Lengua, assumed paternity with their son. However, he argued that Gianmarco always questioned the absence of a maternal figure.

“When he was 6 years old, I got married, I remarried someone who became his father, who was a very good guy to him, who taught him a lot of things, but I think he was too cheesy and spoiled. But always who my son claimed was me, my absences “, revealed.

Even the host of Magaly TV La Firme remembered a moment that eclipsed her family tranquility. Journalist revealed that her youngest son was involved in marijuana use.

Magaly Medina celebrated her birthday with her son Gianmarco after announcing her separation with Alfredo Zambrano.

“I’ve always been working, when I got into television, it coincided with his entry into adolescence and it was dramatic. I find out on television, at the time we had a horrible fight with Beto Ortiz, that my son smoked marijuana and I didn’t even know about it “, Held.

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“Those kinds of things had a lot to do with the environment we had, I discovered a long time later that my husband had an addiction that was difficult to control. I separated from him because he was more of a burden to me than a help ”, Magaly added.



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