Magaly Medina fights LIVE with Lucy Cabrera for the Ronald Hidalgo case: “I don’t like cheap shows” Farándula | SHOWS

EVERYTHING GOT OUT OF CONTROL. Magaly Medina starred in a tense confrontation LIVE with Lucy Cabrerathe lawyer of Ronald Hidalgo, who is known for being an imitator of Juan Gabriel. The former vedette wanted to enter the set to pronounce on the case involving the copycat’s son, but the Magpie prevented it.

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Magaly Medina began her program by pointing out that Lucy Cabrera wanted to enter the set to defend Ronald Hidalgo, However, her ex-partner and mother of her son had come to the studio without a lawyer, so the redheaded driver decided that only the protagonists be present.

“You cannot speak because you are without a lawyer. Doesn’t your sponsor know how to speak? Magaly Medina said initially. “He is not going to put on a show, Magaly, don’t make fun of it”, Cabrera replied.

Magaly Medina arguing live with Lucy Cabrera in the latest edition of her program (Photo: Capture TV)


Upon hearing Lucy Cabrera’s response, Magaly Medina asked her “not to do a cheap show” because Lucy Cabrera began to raise her voice behind the cameras, in the middle of the live program.

“You are doing the show, because of that I will have to end the topic here. If you behave like a lawyer, imagine, you should ask for conciliation “, Magaly pointed out.

Finally, Magaly Medina decided to cut the case and go to a batch of commercials, so that the waters calm down in the studio, because Lucy Cabrea demanded to go on screens.

“I don’t like cheap shows, I do them by myself”Magaly Medina finally said, and then to send a commercial break.


After the commercial break, Magaly Medina said that she had to ask security for help to remove Lucy Cabrera from the channel. Furthermore, he commented that he does not allow anyone to disrespect him and ‘in his house’.

Mrs. Cabrera wanted to be the protagonist and leave the imitator of Juan Gabriel in the background. She has made this shows, it is something that I will not allow. The show is made by the guests and not by the lawyers”said Magaly Medina.

“I have asked that security remove her and not only from the studio, but from the channel. Here in my house nobody comes to disrespect me”, added the driver.


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