Magaly responds with everything to the notarial letter that América TV sent her for disseminating images of Elías Montalvo This is war EEG | BOCONVIP

‘La Urraca’ was enraged! She was very angry after América TV sent her a notarized letter for having released images of the fall of .

During the broadcast of its program on Wednesday, September 22, ‘La Urraca’ responded to the letter that the aforementioned channel sent to ATV. This after having shared images of , punctually on the spectacular fall of the tiktoker from 40 meters high.

“I would have liked to put it, not read it and show all the images, but I have said several times that there is an agreement by which América TV sends us notarial letters. Today they have threatened to sue us if I kept showing the images “Medina said, dazed.

“Today they have threatened to sue us if I kept showing the images. However, América TV does not scratch or send notarial letters to Willax TV, which shows all América TV programs. Here I pass a complete image, they call and threaten “added.

It is worth mentioning that has harshly criticized the competition reality show ‘‘after what happened with . The tiktoker fell from approximately 40 meters in height while playing one of the games on the show.

After the accident, the influencer was taken to a private clinic. Through his social networks, he informed his followers that he only had a slight injury to his left foot.


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