Magaly Solier: network users support her after interview with Magaly Medina

On the last 27th of August, Magaly medina and Magaly solier they communicated through a video call to discuss the complaint against him for alleged child abuse. In the conversation, the actress rejected the accusations and assured that she does not suffer from alcoholism.

However, the interpreter of the national film Magallanes could not be clear with her ideas, since she showed a bit erratic behavior. This detail was not overlooked by network users, who lamented the situation of Magaly solier and they sent him messages of encouragement via Twitter.

Someone must help and save Magaly Solier. It’s heartbreaking to see her in a deplorable state, is sick ”,“ I was saddened to tears to see Magaly Solier in that state ”,“ What a shame to see Magaly Solier like this, an excellent actress, I hope you really find help with the utmost urgency“,” I hope she gets out of that terrible situation she’s going through and that she finds peace of mind in her life, in addition to being able to be with her children, “were some of the messages of support that the protagonist of the scared Teta received.

Criticisms of Magaly Medina for treating the interview

Also, another group of netizens criticized Magaly medina for not cutting the interview when noticing the lack of coherence in the statements of Magaly solier. Even the same ATV presenter was surprised by the attitude of the artist and suggested that she seek psychological help.

There was no need to expose Magaly Solier like that. Need helpYes, and exposing her in the situation she is in only serves to stigmatize her. What my *** is Magaly Medina’s program. Scavenger ”,“ I just saw that Magaly Solier is a trend, I thought it was because of the new series; but I came across the unfortunate news of his situation, but at the same time it is deplorable that Magaly Medina does not cut the interview out of sheer curiosity and rating “, “If you see that Magaly Solier is not in her five senses, you keep talking to her and evidently she pays you little or no attention, You should stop the interview, but the morbid can more, everything you do to make rating regardless of the other person”They wrote on Twitter.

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Network users express their support for Magaly Solier after an interview with Magaly Medina. Photo: capture / Twitter

Magaly Medina suggests Magaly Solier seek psychological help

In the recent Magaly TV program, the firm, the famous actress Magaly Solier was linked by video call to give her downloads on the complaint against him for alleged child abuse and alcoholism.

“Magaly, have you thought about taking therapy, asking for help, going to a psychologist? I do not see you well, I do not see you coherent, I am not a psychologist, but I think that at the CEM you should request to be reviewed by a psychiatrist. I wish you the best, ”the journalist told him.

Magaly Solier denies being an alcoholic and assured that she did not mistreat her children.

Erick Plinio expects a speedy recovery from Magaly Solier

The actress’s ex-partner, Erick plinio Mendoza filed a complaint against Magaly solier of course physical and psychological abuse of two of her three children. Also, in the recent program of Magaly Medina, Plinio hopes that the actress improves with for the sake of her children.

“I have provisional custody, but based on a report from the Police and the CEM (Women’s Emergency Center). They have found evidence that children do live in difficult conditions “…” I really hope Magaly recovers because she is the mother of my children, they love her, “he confessed.

Magaly solier

Magaly Solier rejects the accusations of mistreatment of her children

Speaking to the América Noticias program, Magaly Solier spoke for the first time and denied the complaint filed by her ex-partner Erick Plinio Mendoza.

“I just want to tell my children to fight and not take any books away from them, like their father took from me, how I broke my scripts in the bathroom. In the bathroom I would secretly read my scripts. Nobody knows everything that happened … It is totally false (the alleged assaults). Where are the videos? He edits them to his liking. Who recorded that video? That voice is super credited, “he revealed.

Magaly Solier speaks before cameras after reporting alleged abuse of her children.

Magaly Solier leads a crusade in favor of community members of Uchuraccay

The actress Magaly Solier was one of the figures of the cultural event in favor of those most in need of Uchuraccay, which is called Tinkuy- The meeting of the arts.

The crusade seeks to promote Andean art with the collaboration of designers such as Annais Yucra and Omar Villalobos. Also, the physical theater company, Novalima, among others. Also, the collection of the event It will make it possible to implement a soup kitchen, the communal pharmacy, as well as work on the program to combat childhood anemia.

Magaly Solier is awarded in Chile as best actress

The Peruvian actress, Magaly Solier received the award for best actress in the twelfth version of the Chilean Film Festival for his leading role in the film Lina from Lima.

He also used his social networks to thank the festival. “One more award for best actress. I want to thank María Paz for trusting me. Thank the Chilean Film Festival for this recognition of my work. I am very honored. I keep going, like Lina de Lima ”, he wrote.

Recognized. Solier stood out at the Chilean Film Festival.

Karina Calmet sends a meaningful message to Magaly Solier

Actress Karina Calmet sympathized with Magaly Solier after it was reported that she has lost custody of her three children and he did not hesitate to dedicate a few words to him on his Twitter account. In his words, he made it clear that he is sure that his colleague will be able to overcome all his problems.

“Magaly Solier from a very young age has fulfilled her dreams, her goals and her most beautiful wishes… I am sure she will continue to do so. Strength and integrity for the Peruvian actress who has gone further ”, wrote the artist.

Karina Calmet encouraged Magaly Solier in these difficult moments.

Magaly Solier assures that they took her children “with falsehoods”

The Peruvian actress denied having mistreated her children for being under the influence of alcohol and assured that her still husband Erick Mendoza is abusing his image.

“I don’t hate him, I just ask him to comply with the classes, my children have the right to continue learning. I’m not going to give up. I have cried a lot, all day. How not to cry? It hurts that they take away your children with falsehoods, saying things that are not, “he said. Magaly solier to El Comercio.

The actress points out that her children are missing virtual classes and blames her ex-partner.

Magaly Solier gave life to María Parado de Bellido in The Other Liberators

One of the last projects in which Magaly solier has participated in The Other Liberators, a new series that tells the story of important characters who fought for the independence of Peru.

The actress played María Parado de Bellido in the production, which culminated filming in April.

The other liberators

Magaly Solier stars in the video clip “Mala vida” by Kayfex

Peruvian singer Kayfex known for making urban pop genre music with indigenous sounds revealed that the actress Magaly Solier is the star of her new video clip “Mala vida”.

Likewise, the singer says that his recent release was made with the singer-songwriter Vibarco, who is a composer of some hits by Maluma).

Kayfex, Magaly Solier and composer of Malum

Magaly Solier denounced her ex-partner for physical violence

At the end of 2019, Magaly Solier denounced Erick Plinio Mendoza for physical violence. Because of this, his ex-partner was sentenced to one year and seven months of imprisonment.

At that time, Plinio awarded the actress 2,000 soles as civil reparation and a termination service during the sentence period.

Magaly Solier’s film premiered in Toronto

The Peruvian actress Magaly Solier was part of the cast of the film Lina de Lima, which trained in Toronto. The film was directed by María Paz González and competed in the Discovery section.

“It’s an engaging but rather mild story, given by a sensual central performance by the actress Peruvian Magaly Solier and shines for the fantasy musical sequences that are intertwined in the fabric of the image “, reads one of the criticisms made of the film.


Magaly Solier: “I am an actress and a peasant woman”

The Peruvian actress told details of one of her latest films for Hollywood called La santa de lo impossible, which is about undocumented Latinos in New York of the Trump era.

“I am a humble actress. I am a peasant woman. Possibly he was born with that capacity for patience for art, but there are many actresses who are very valuable, more than me (smiles) ”…” It is a story that touches us all, we are all immigrants. From my own experience, if you decide something, do it well, think about the future of your children ”, revealed Magaly.

Magaly solier

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