Entertainment Magaly TV, the firm: Karla Tarazona announces her marriage...

Magaly TV, the firm: Karla Tarazona announces her marriage to Rafael Fernández and shows her engagement ring video | Shows

Marries! Karla Tarazona will go to the altar with his new partner Rafael Fernandez. The businesswoman confirmed the news to the cameras of Magaly medina, where he showed all the details of the event on September 15.

The images were released as part of the trailer for Magaly TV, the firm, where the couple is very happy for the recent engagement.

Karla Tarazona He received the rock and tells us all the details of the request ”, is heard in the first seconds of the clip that was published on the different social networks of the program.

Karla Tarazona

For her part, the former driver was encouraged to show her engagement ring and even sent a message to Magaly medina: “I tell you that today we are going to be with you and we are going to tell you all the details of the commitment.”

It should be noted that the businesswoman presented Rafael Fernandez Like his partner at the beginning of September, and precisely, he did it in front of the cameras of the aforementioned entertainment magazine.

In that interview, the future husband expressed being very in love of Karla Tarazona, whom he filled with compliments. “She is an excellent mom, I like everything about her. It’s very hard work and that’s what I rescue from her, ”he told the reporter from Magaly TV the firm.

Karla Tarazona presents her new partner

A few weeks ago, Magaly TV, the firm confirmed that Karla Tarazona had given herself a new chance in love with Rafael Fernández, a 43-year-old businessman.

Given this, her boyfriend only had words of praise for the former driver and assured that he has a good concept of Christian Domínguez. Also, Tarazona revealed her desire to continue expanding the family.

“The Karlita is missing, you have to leave a legacy,” Karla mentioned.

Karla Tarazona presents her new partner, businessman Rafael Fernández | PHOTO: Magaly TV, the firm

Karla Tarazona, latest news:

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