Magdi Rúzsa showed her seedlings again

Magdi Rúzsa showed her seedlings again

2023-05-11 / Author: Foam Cake / Other

A rare moment! Since last February, Magdi Rúzsa has only rarely shown their triplets, but even if she made an exception, you couldn’t see the faces of the little ones. This is no different now, but the latest photo shows that the children are now so big that they are walking hand in hand with their parents.

This year’s Mother’s Day must have been special for the singer, as they visited Novi Sad, Serbia. The joint photo was taken on the banks of the Danube, and the fans love the new post, so there were a lot of nice comments.

“You are beautiful,” someone wrote.

“You have a nice family, Magdi,” another commenter praised them.

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