Sport Maged Samy : Football Association said the club will...

Maged Samy : Football Association said the club will find a state forum against you.

Uncover Magda Sami the owner of the group clubs the valley of the Tigris on the conflicting views of the officials of the committee of five that runs the Egyptian Federation of football during the meetings with the clubs about the return of the sports activity, and that the meeting was split into two parts, negative and positive, who came to discuss the list of clubs who gave each person proposed have it .

He explained Maged Sami by the statements of television that officials of the Egyptian federation for football the to back state championships my bank this season saying ” the Football Association said the club will find a league against you, they “.

Confirmed Majid Sami that he will not use a state championship interest this season under any conditions, even in the case of cancellation of the landing in order to preserve the health of players and this decision is final .

Pointed Majid Sami, to me, that the losses of Wadi Degla club this season 70 million pounds and that it is spent 100 million in one season, and will not leave a player on the team does this season, explaining that Mohammed Abdul Ati, a player the team didn’t receive any offers, but last season the desire of Zamalek in Joined for 20 million pounds, but management demanded 30 million pounds .

Commented Maged Samy on Twitter that are published by the crisis of Century Club as a joke between him and Mahmoud al-Khatib, head of Al Ahly club and he’s been capturing some images with a Shield century club inside the Red Fort during his session with Mohamed meselhy president of the club Al Ittihad, who demanded to know the form of a Shield century club before heading to the Egyptian Football Association the meeting of the clubs .

Said Majid Sami joked via his personal page on Facebook: “in a gesture of malicious captain Mahmoud al-Khatib during the meeting we collected in CrossFit before the meeting of the Union of the ball of the day, the eagerness of the captain to meet the designers a picture of me with the Shield club of the century, the dissemination of Maged Samy iron like teasing than follow him, saying: in the interest of the doctor to seek the source compare a picture of me with the century club to strike me, and I asked him is this real and the night of favoritism and compliments”.



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