Magic Bixby Vision camera – hidden features of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone


Some technologies make our daily life easier, but there are some features in a smartphone that you use occasionally. First you look at the menu, take a quick look at what they offer, and leave it for later. Understanding that you need to open this particular application in order to solve some problems does not arise at all. And this often happens with Bixby Vision, very often the owners of Samsung Galaxy flagships do not suspect what a miracle is hidden in their devices.

The smart camera can scan signs and read texts, search for products and select similar pictures, but is not limited to this. I have been using the application for more than five years and I can say that it has become a reliable assistant in everyday affairs. For example, I am reading a book by David Edmonds “Would You Kill a Fat Man?” I wanted to find other books by this author. The usual way to solve this problem looks like this: you search inside the book for the name of the author in English, drive it into the search and get the result. With Bixby Vision, I just point my camera at the cover and get a floating interlinear for both the title and author. You can also search for it online here.

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