Mahershala Ali says that the use of Viggo Mortensen's word order was "painful", but accepts his apologies

The co-stars of the "Green Book" both spoke of the episode.

In a new statement, Mahershala Ali accepted Viggo Mortensen's apology, but said he was still troubled by the fact that the co-star of the "Green Book" used the word in a question and answer session Wednesday evening post-screening. Making a point about the fact that racial mourning is no longer used casually as it was in 1962, when "Green Book" is set, Mortensen used the full word. He released excuses yesterday:

"Although my intention was to speak loudly against racism, I have no right to imagine the damage caused by hearing that word in any context, especially by a white man," Mortensen said. "I do not use the word in private or in public, I am very sorry to have used the word complete last night and not to say it again."

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Ali has now responded with a statement. "Although the conversation was well intentioned or intellectual, it was not appropriate that Viggo pronounced the word No. He clarified that he is aware of this, and he apologized profusely immediately after the interview with Elvis Mitchell," said the winner dell & # 39; Oscar. "Knowing his intention was to express that removing the n-word from your vocabulary does not necessarily mean disqualifying a person as a racist or participating in bigoted actions or thoughts, I can accept and accept his apologies.

"An excellent and moving thought has unfortunately been overshadowed expressing the word in its fullness, which for me is always painful.The use of the word within the black community has long been debated and its use should continue to be examined within the black community.

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"The use of the word by those who are not black, is not in dispute.The history of discrimination, slavery, pain, oppression and violence that the word ended up symbolizing cause only damage to members of the black community and therefore must be left in the past. "

"Green Book", directed by Peter Farrelly and winner of the public award at TIFF, will arrive in theaters next Friday, November 16th.

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