‘Mai Charoenpura’ prepares to release a new single in 3 years, ready to answer LGBT questions

come to join the worship curse of love this work young singer new Charoenpura has revealed the plans for the upcoming music There will be a new single in the round. 3 listen But still about the concert new Well, there are a lot of people who are persuaded as well. But would ask to see the readiness first, which probably won’t be this year.

You can come back and play the concert. How do you plan??

There were also brothers in the industry contacted that Mai would do an anniversary concert. Will you do a big concert? I had to go back and look at my strength first. It’s fair to say that Mai plays one drama that lasts. 6-7 month It eats up a lot of us. I felt that we had to boost our bodies. When playing a concert, our bodies must be very strong. The new one looks strong, but it’s really not that strong. I think that if I’m going to do something new, there must be enough rest. It has worked out well.end

Show that you haven’t knocked on whether there will be a concert or not.?

There will be no new concerts this year. I can’t take it anymore enough

Our health is fine?

we are ok In addition to having to fall because we were unemployed for a while Take it until you can’t sing anymore after coming back to singNow you have to study your own music.

frequent falls?

If you are at home, you will fall often. walk over there until the people at home told me to go to work Because we are very rock and roll. is very clumsy not careful Because we are the ones who do things at very high speeds. must slow down until everyone told me to be comfortable again because everyone can’t get a new one full wound have to walk slowly slow down try to stay

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saw that he would go abroad2 month?

work with travel with me The main thing is to go to rest and there will be a sporadic concerts.going to finland Sweden Manchester Amsterdam There are fans in different countries that come in and want us to keep playing concerts. with long time no see We are also afraid of the situation. but he is not afraid He misses us more. which is good We have been off work for a long time. In the end, until we are alive, we have to fight with the dangers that come in. The new brother is still alive.

Asked about where we went on the show and said that we had been played with things before until we became a moo.?

We’ve been past that point for some time. Pee Mai is a Buddhist. and is the one who always remembers the teachers who Prasit bestows blessings upon us You will see that it is auspicious and good time, we pay homage to the Buddha image. We go up to a new house, we pay homage to the Buddha. We will do great work and we will respect God.it’s a good story But when people see this picture, we often People will say that we are Sai Mu. There are some We are both ancient and modern. that can’t be Our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents have taught us. However, we must remember The world will change, no matter how many innovations, we will never forget this. because we are Thai people

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new song will be released?

in a very hot pot I don’t want to miss out on the song because of anyone. It’s the new single in the round.3 year At the end of this month, I watched the MV.

subject LGBT?

wider law We have freedom of thought. For anyone who feels what? will have a choice There are different choices for him. Mai believes that we humans are really different minds. Different agenda, different feelings Actually, it’s been there for every era. This era is quite open. It’s finally up to her heart. It made him live easier. free to life do not suppress But in the end, we still have to look at the system. regime traditions as well But it didn’t do anything wrong. If everyone has a heart, they can love each other.

Do you have any plans if the law is really open??
No It’s better to stay like this In short, talk too much. Mother is fierce.

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