Mai Kassab for a final word: I got married and I am 34 years old, and I hope you will be replaced by a reality in society

Actress Mai Kassab expressed her great happiness from the reactions she received from the audience on the story of “Aqbal Awadak” from the series “Zay El Qamar”, noting that she touched the audience’s success through social media, pointing out that she insisted that the “make-up” be real so that she can From penetrating the hearts of the public.

Kassab continued: She got married at a late age, and therefore the story was in line with her life, and therefore appeared in a very real way among the audience, pointing out that she was not subjected to bullying from her family over the delay in her marriage to that age, and that she liked the idea of ​​the episodes and considered it a double-edged sword, and the director is Whoever decides the subject of the scenario bears this or not.

May Kassab

The story of “Eqbal Awadak”, starring Mai Kassab and Hala Fakher, directed by Moataz Hosam, and Mai appears in the role of a mathematics teacher and discusses the idea of ​​delaying marriage in an interesting dramatic framework, and the work is produced by Maha Selim and Synergy, and the artist Hala Fakher and Ahmed participate in the work championship Jamal Saeed, Mohamed Gomaa, and a number of young people.

The story deals with more than one issue, most notably the issue of spinsterhood and its impact on society, in addition to the delay of girls in marriage and how this phenomenon affects mothers and families, and how family and friends deal with this phenomenon, through the story of “Shadia”, who works as a mathematics teacher and suffers from the idea of ​​spinsterhood that haunts her. .

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