Mainz 05 remains 3-1 against Dusseldorf in Bundesliga


3It only took 6 seconds until the fastest lead in a match of this Bundesliga season. Striker Jean-Philippe Mateta scored the goal after a cross by Karim Onisiwo for Mainz 05 against Fortuna Dusseldorf. For the Rheinhessen there was still a more important reason to celebrate: After two difficult seasons of relegation battles into the final stages of the season, they have the class fate already at fourteen days before the end of the season after a 3-1 victory already calculated at 15 points Advance to the relegation place. Onisiwo (67.) and again Mateta (87.) decided the match for their team, after Dodi Lukebakio had meanwhile equalized for Dusseldorf (19.). The Dusseldorf scorer awarded after a good hour the biggest chance to lead. Lukebakio put a hand penalty imposed on the video assistants notice to the post.

Daniel Meuren

The Mainz thus fulfilled the requirements of their trainer Sandro Schwarz, who had called in the week, the “cover on it” on a season that has granted the Mainz very much rest and not to say boredom after many years in which it almost always until the last matchday to relegation or qualifying for the Europa League went. “It feels good to be able to survive and see many happy people in the stadium. That was our mission, so we are very happy about it, “Schwarz said after the game. “I cordially congratulate to the league and the work of the past years. Mainz is for me a kind of role model – so I am pleased that we will play against each other again in the next year, “said the Dusseldorf coach Friedhelm Funkel.

Against Fortuna, the prospect of reaching the finish brought at least some excitement in a meeting of two teams, which is about nothing more. The class whereabouts of the climber from Dusseldorf was finally finally secured for a week. At least 29,000 spectators came perhaps therefore also in the stadium, which confirms the slight upward trend in the previously troubling spectator controversy in Mainz. The fans did not have long to wait for good entertainment: Onisiwo had been released after almost half a minute by a pass from Jean-Paul Boetius so exemplary that he could easily lay the ball for the fastest goal of the season. The defender of Düsseldorf, Marcin Kaminski, of course, also made an involuntary help by passing Boetius' pass extremely awkwardly.

The Mainz could be led by the early leadership at best football temperatures, of course, to act a bit too reckless and almost arrogant. These negligence brought the opponent back into the game. Goalkeeper Florian Müller prevented after 14 minutes nor the compensation by a brilliant act against Benito Raman. He steered a shot of the best Dusseldorfers by foot around the post.

However, five minutes later he was powerless against Lukebakio when he poked the ball in the free-hand. The Mainz had by Robin Quaison (24) and a free kick by Gbamin (41) Although the better chances, the Fortuna but remained the better team. And she got thanks to a hint from the Cologne video assistant cellar a legitimate hand penalty awarded. The Mainz Mainz defender Alexander Hack played the ball with his hand. Lukebakio threw the penalty on the left post, of course.

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