Maipú Command Approves: “If we lose the constituency, it is 50 more years with the current one and that would be horrible for the country”

Less than a week before the plebiscite, the command for the approval dedicated to informing the residents of Maipú about the importance of a New Constitution, spoke about the meaning of a constitutional change for the commune and called on the opposition to unite given what “If we do not go together, we will have more votes, but fewer seats.”

Also, since Maipú Approves, they called to vote “clean, without scratching it “ to avoid a possible loss of vote.

The presidents of the communal directorates of the command who spoke with La Voz de Maipú are: Victor Ruiz (PS), Alejandra Bustamante(DC), Cesar Gutierrez (PPD) and Pedro Lizana (PR).

What important points about the constitutional process should people clearly know when they go to vote for the plebiscite on October 25?

Alejandra: The important points are related to what the country needs: the right to quality health and public education for everyone. Restructure the AFP system, the right to decent housing, and that water is not a consumer good.

Victor: For the first time, the construction of the new Magna Carta will be parity and with representation of native peoples. We will all participate and, although it will not be the solution to all social problems, it will be a path.

César: You should know is that this process was born by the social explosion and it is thanks to them. We are only articulators. Also, remember that it could end the Constitution of 1980 drawn up during the military dictatorship.

Pedro: I add that you are not afraid of change, let’s take the step, let’s see what comes out and remember that there is the option of exit plebiscite, in which we can decide if we like it and vote Approve or Reject.

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What is the importance of a New Constitution in Maipú?

Pedro: Maipú should take advantage of the constitutional change in housing: the expansion to Rinconada was an inordinate extension and we lost the most cultivable fields due to public policies that were not designed to the reality of the commune.

It should be noted that Maipú was born from internal self-management: we are the only municipality with its own water and for example the Liceo de Maipú, was one of the first municipal institutions, managed by the commune, not by the state. So this concept of republic I think is replicable to the rest of the communes in the constituent change.

Alejandra: Maipú has the opportunity to recover a process of citizen participation. For example, I do not rule out participatory budgeting focused on neighborhoods so that the community can vote bindingly on its municipal resources each year.

We know that the opposition needs to unite for this constituent process. Do you think there is a willingness from your respective parties to make this decision? How do you see it?

Victor: We have the option of a constituent list and if we don’t go together, we will have more votes, but fewer seats. Unity is transcendental, if we lose the constituency it will be 50 more years with the current one and that would be horrible for the country.

César: The PPD and fellow radicals, socialists and Christian democrats, from the first minute we bet on the unity of the sector of the center left. Perhaps we have not generated a great alliance, but we must not be naive: there is a sector that complicates the union, therefore, it has been a work of months to generate trust.

Alejandra: The process that begins on October 25, generates the challenge of maintaining unity and cohesion in order to reach an exit plebiscite that contemplates all eyes. Instance where tremendous debates will take place, but at least from our parties I have seen the will to unify and go after an idea.

What would you recommend to the board members who will defend the approval vote?

Victor: People must be prepared to defend the second ballot – of the body that will write the New Constitution – because we know that there are many sectors that do not believe in democracy. We are inclined towards the Constitutional Convention, but there are other sectors that will mark the ballot with AC (Constituent Assembly) and be sure that at that table the Rejection will try to make the vote null.

César: More than recommending something, thank all the people registered to be table proxy holders and invite people to sign up on our Facebook Maipú Approve sending us an internal message. The important thing is to defend the vote of Approval and of the Constitutional Convention.

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