Hated in Les Marseillais aux Caraïbes, Océane settles her accounts with Alix, Victoria and Eloïse on social networks. And in the process, the young woman was the target of Maissane’s mockery. On her Instagram account, the pretty brunette openly laughs at Océane’s speech. And as you will be able to see on the video just above, Maissane was not a dead hand! She even took out the ventoline while listening to Océane arguing with Eloïse. Mockery which made react the Net surfers who did not hesitate to lynch Maissane … The latter thus answered them!

On Instagram, Maissane explains to his haters that it was just a joke. She also adds that even Océane laughed at this story. Besides, the two young women are far from being cold, since they follow each other on the social network. In any case, we could notice that Maissane responded to detractors with a lot of irony and sarcasm. She prefers to play this card than that of verbal abuse. In addition, know that this week in Les Marseillais aux Caraïbes, Alix and Maeva will fight, Benjamin Samat will burst into tears and one person will leave the adventure.


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