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As you probably already know, this evening, at 10 p.m. French time, will take place the second Sony conference on the PlayStation 5. The latter, lasting forty minutes, will perhaps be the occasion to get new information on future exclusives from the Japanese manufacturer, see gameplay footage of the launch games, and in the best case scenario, find out the price as well as the release date of the two versions of the ninth generation console. Moreover, a recent poster from Fnac stores indicating that the PlayStation 5 would already be available for pre-order would go in this direction.

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From our side, we received a call from Micromania saying that it is possible to go there to pre-order your PlayStation 5. For this, you just need to present a deposit of 50 euros.

Spotted by internet users and subsequently shared by the site Frandroid, this new poster, available in front of the front of certain Fnac stores, indicates that the Sony console is already available for pre-order. Even if this statement is false for the moment, it seems that the French channel has decided to take the lead to be ready for the announcements of the PlayStation 5 conference which, we recall for the umpteenth time, will take place tonight at 10 p.m. .

As Frandroid specifies therefore, this poster visible in front of the front door of the stores requires a little more preparation than a simple web page (printing and distribution). It could therefore be that the store in question already knows the opening date of pre-orders of the different versions of the PlayStation 5. If this is the case, and if, this famous date will indeed be announced at the conference tonight as suggested by this poster, Sony would then have a slight lead over Microsoft. As a reminder, the Xbox Series X as well as the Xbox Series S will be available in pre-orders from September 22. Unfortunately, we will have to wait again and again to obtain the release date of the PlayStation 5, since when we zoom in on this same poster, we can simply see the mention “November”. We just have to hope that Sony makes an official announcement on this subject in the evening.

Obviously, this new information should be taken with a grain of salt. To be clear on the price, the release date or the opening date of pre-orders for the PlayStation 5, we suggest you follow the Sony conference tonight.

The PS5 and its accessories unveiled

[MàJ]  PS5 - An imminent opening of pre-orders?

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