Maja Sablewska captured her lover in an intimate photograph. Wojciech Mazolewski posed naked

Wojciech Mazolewski and Maja Sablewska is a couple with an extremely interesting past behind them. Over the years they parted ways and got back together, and the relationship officially ended in 2016. Although they both did not comment on the end of the relationship, recently decided to give each other another chance. In March, the couple officially returned to each other and today they form a happy relationship.

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Maja Sablewska and Wojciech Mazolewski on vacation

Although they both avoid the glare of spotlights and rarely publish joint photos in the social media, we know that they are currently on vacation together. A stylist and a musician went to one of the Greek islands. Wojciech’s Instagram featured many shots from this extraordinary holiday. However, the last one surprised the Internet users a bit. The musician posed for a photo lying in a hammock. It would not be surprising if it were not for the fact that he is naked. It is also known that the photos were taken by Maja Sablewska herself, which she immortalized on InstaStories.

Kalimera? One more moment to rest and we are about to start the concerts – Wojtek signed the photo, and then added the dates of the upcoming concerts.

Maja also commented on the post.

I will be at all – wrote the stylist.

Wojciech Mazolewski

See what their vacation looks like.

Watch the video
Maja Sablewska reports on her vacation

As you can see, love blooms and the saying that old love does not rust once again proves true. We have nothing else but to wish the couple the best. We are waiting impatiently for the next photos.

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