Sport Major League Baseball email leak puts 2020 season even...

Major League Baseball email leak puts 2020 season even more at risk

That has leaked from a e-mail of Major League Baseball keeps on the verge of playing the best baseball in the world this year.

Arturo Marcano, a Venezuelan lawyer who works in baseball, tweeted regarding a leaked email from MLB.

But to which e-mail Marcano refers to this:

The email covers seven (7) points, including that MLB explained to union officials that Big leagues He would need a second negotiation if the games weren’t played in front of fans to determine the payout, and claims that union officials understood that concept.

Therefore, the e-mail it apparently offers evidence that the union was aware that more talks might be needed.

The email of the senior vice president of labor relations and deputy general counsel of MLBPatrick Houlihan suggests… He and the executive vice president of baseball economics for Big leaguesMorgan Sword spoke on the morning of March 26, 2020 with Players Association deputy general manager Matt Nussbaum and director of baseball analysis and operations Greg Dreyfuss.

The union was seeking clarification on issues including length of service and Draft. In an email that Houlihan sent to Deputy Commissioner Dan Halem, the chief negotiator for MLB, which was sent to several other prominent league officials, wrote in number 1:

“Matt asked what ‘economic viability’ meant in Section I. I told him it meant that we would only consider playing on neutral or fan-free sites if it works financially for us. At first I reminded him of Rob’s comments that playing in empty stadiums did not work financially for us.

But I said, for example, that we might be willing to have a conversation about playing a limited number of games in empty stadiums if the players agreed to reduce their daily wages for those games, and if it was part of a larger plan that made economic sense. Matt confirmed that is what he thought we wanted to say, but appreciated the confirmation. “

In response, the Players Association’s senior director of collective bargaining, Bruce Meyer, told The Post in a text message: “The contract itself is very clear: in the event of a part season, players will receive a salary Prorated, whether with or without amateurs. And it requires no further payment concessions from players who have already agreed to forgo billions of dollars in salary in the event of a partial season in which they would bear unprecedented risks and burdens.

That said, both parties are free to make any additional proposals they wish. If you have a proposal on economics, you should do it as we have repeatedly invited you to do. We have a right to answer that. Despite all their positions, they still have not. Instead of negotiating on these issues, the league is focusing on leaking internal self-service memoranda to the media. Public stance will not help us have a season.

“That the Commissioner’s office has stated that it needs additional salary allowances should come as no surprise. But there is a difference between what they are entitled to and what they want. The fact is, the league has admitted that they will be better off financially playing a season than not playing a season. And so far, the league has not provided any underlying documents to back up its financial claims. In the meantime, we continue to focus on the health and safety aspects of the league proposal. “

Seeing Meyer’s statement, MLB He replied with his own that emphasized a tense situation that grew even more.

The statement to The Post read: “We are pleased that Mr. Meyer has finally admitted that the March agreement provides for further negotiation between the parties if the 2020 season is played without fans. While Mr. Meyer now says the Union has repeatedly invited the league to make a proposal, that can’t square with the Union’s public comments and at least one agent that the players are unwilling to accept a reduction in the Player compensation for playing a 2020 season without fans.

The Union even publicly rejected a possible league proposal to share all revenue equally with the players before a proposal was made to it. While Mr. Meyer claims that clubs will be better off financially playing without fans, the truth is that we would lose hundreds of thousands of dollars per game. “

The position of the Players Association has been that the March 26 document not only supports their prorated position, but MLB It has not made a clear case to the union that it is not financially feasible to pay players in full, even without fans.

The union feels that players will take health / safety risks, but will take a second pay cut so that owners lose less money. In the March deal, the players agreed to give up claims of billions of dollars in return, the union has stated, for the prorated payment when the games return.

And the Players Association is still awaiting a formal financial proposal from MLB. MLB He believes that the language of the March 26 agreement is clear and, just as vital, what was said between the parties reflects it.

Yankees President Randy Levine … He told The Post that he believes that everything together provides insight into what the deal’s intentions were. “As I said, our players are patriots and they are all wise and careful enough to make decisions that are in their best interest and that of their families, and we all respect those decisions,” Levine said.

However, they must make their decisions based on what the March agreement actually states and has been signed by both parties. I personally reviewed all of the documents and negotiating notes for the wage renegotiation provision dispute and they are clear that it does not say what Scott Boras and Tony Clark have said.

“It clearly states in bold language that if there are bans on mass gatherings, which exist to this day, that prevent fans at the stadium, and / or there are travel restrictions, as they do today, for example, people you have to quarantine for 14 days entering and leaving Canada and / or the commissioner has to certify that it is safe to go to a baseball stadium, which has not happened because you are negotiating with the union on health and safety protocols; Since these three conditions have not been met, the agreement says that, based on those facts and the economic viability of the moment, there must be a renegotiation of wages.

That is not my opinion, that is what the text of the agreement says. As long as players and clubs feel it is safe to return, I am hopeful that we will stop discussing language that is clear and unambiguous and that we will quickly come to negotiate an agreement that is satisfactory to all. ”

With information from Arturo Marcano and Joel Sherman.


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