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The introduction of the corona passport in Tromsø municipality is now being postponed. During the presidency meeting, the discussions were heated.


Updated yesterday 21:21

Both municipal director Stig Tore Johnsen and the municipal chief physician have advised against the scheme being introduced now Northern Lights reported.

This is despite the fact that mayor Gunnar Wilhelmsen (Labor Party) has previously asked the government that Tromsø should be allowed to be a pilot municipality for a scheme with requirements for corona passports.

– The municipal director has considered the introduction of a local corona certificate, but due to infection control professional and strong privacy considerations, this can not be recommended to be introduced at this time, it is stated in the recommendation.

Wilhelmsen tells VG that he thought the technical solutions were in place when it became known that the corona passport could be used in the municipalities.

– It is strange that it takes so long when Europe has used it for so long, he says.

– Does not protect privacy

FHI stated on Monday that they looked at solutions so that some municipalities could use it in a few days.

But when the technical solutions are not in place, this is not relevant, according to Wilhelmsen.

– If we were to introduce it now, we would have had to use the solution used at the border crossings. It does not safeguard privacy. In other countries, they have introduced it so that if you scan the QR code you get green or red, he says.

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MAYOR: Gunnar Wilhelmsen.

But if they had chosen to introduce corona pass now, it would be on the screen whether you have been infected, tested or vaccinated.

– Then it is very unfortunate for those who show it at the door at a concert. It is personal information that does not concern others.


FRP’s Bjørn-Gunnar Jørgensen reacts strongly to the turnaround operation, and during the meeting directs particular criticism against mayor Gunnar Wilhelmsen (AP).

RESPONDING: Bjørn-Gunnar Jørgensen (FRP)

– The mayor has appeared in all news broadcasts that creep and go and stated that he wants Tromsø to be a pilot municipality for corona pass, and then the administration’s attitude is now still negative.

Jørgensen also expresses dissatisfaction that the administration’s recommendation and case documents did not become available until up to a few hours before the chairmanship was convened, and believes that this is not in accordance with good case processing.

– It is not justifiable to operate in this way. This is a stressful moment out of another world, and is totally unacceptable, says Jørgensen.

– Makan for belly splash!

Waiting for a clear signal from the national team

However, Jarle Heitmann (AP) believes that Jørgensen’s loud statement falls on his own unreasonableness.

– We must relate to the national authorities and the privacy challenges that we must solve. Both the mayor and other political leadership have been clear that we can not introduce a Corona certificate until these challenges have been resolved, but we have said that at the moment a clear signal is given from the national team, so we will be ready in Tromsø.

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Jarle Heitemann (AP).

Pål Julius Skogholdt (SV) also reacts to Jørgensen referring to the administration as «rapporteur’s administration”.

– It is not the case that the administration submits case documents on behalf of the mayor. I am very happy that we have an administration that presents the professional assessments they think are best, he says.

However, Skogholt acknowledges that it is important to strive to get the case documents ready well in advance of the meetings.

– Then of course we would like the case documents to be presented earlier, but I understand that it was not possible this time.

To this Jørgensen answers the following:

– None of you would have accepted a case processing of this caliber if you yourself were not in the administration. Then there would have been criticism of another world, and you know that well.

Privacy important

The mayor himself responds to the criticism during the presidency meeting that his desire to introduce a corona passport depends on two things: the need and adequate privacy.

– If we do not need the corona passport, we will not have it. The other thing that is important is that privacy is safeguarded.

Wilhelmsen adds that the current corona passport has been developed for use at the border, and to be checked by the police and customs authorities.

– When we are to leave this to tourism, business and culture, we must ensure that privacy is adequately safeguarded, something we have been clear on several occasions. The new technology is not in place yet from a national level, but will be ready shortly, he says during the meeting.

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– How long this is about remains to be seen.

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