Make Pertashop IDR 400 million in capital, 3 years turnover

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Head of BPH Migas M. Fanshurullah Asa and the Team accompanied by Sales Area Manager (SAM) of PT Pertamina DI Yogyakarta, Pande Made Andi S. and SBM Hendra directly visited Pertashop on Jalan Dusun Grogol, Kec. Cangkringan, Kab. Sleman, DI Yogyakarta (03/09/20).

Pande Made said that the Pertashop Program is a partnership between Pertamina as the BBM provider business entity and the Village Government to make it easy for village communities to get access to BBM while providing a positive economic impact on the communities around the village.

The Pertashop program is a follow-up to the Memorandum of Understanding of the Ministry of Home Affairs with Pertamina Persero dated February 18, 2020 regarding Village Government and Community Support in the Improvement and Development of the Pertashop Program in the Village.

This is intended to support the fulfillment of fuel in villages, especially in 3,827 sub-districts or 53% of districts in Indonesia that have not been reached by gas station access by utilizing village assets. In the initial stage as a crash program, Pertamina will launch the construction of pertashop at 418 points where the construction of facilities and managerial management will be carried out by Pertamina.

Responsible for Pertashop from Pertamina Retail Yogyakarta Bandi Susilo said that Pertashop is located on Jalan Dusun Grogol, Kec. Sales start on June 30, 2020 and after 3 months running, current sales are averaging 600 liters.

Meanwhile, on holidays or weekends it can reach 1 – 1.2 KL. “This is a Pertashop with a high sales volume or Daily Objective Throughput / DOT. Sharing cooperation with partners is currently planned to provide a margin of Rp 850 / liter divided according to the cooperation scheme,” said Bandi.

Bandi further explained that the capital and operational costs needed to establish a Pertashop are around Rp. 400 million outside the land, which will be used for equipment procurement of Rp. 300 million and other operational costs of Rp. 100 million. The average gross profit that will be earned by Partners is IDR 500 thousand / day or IDR 180 million / year.

The Head of BPH Migas M. Fanshurullah Asa, on the sidelines of the visit, revealed that BPH Migas as an agency in charge of regulating and monitoring the availability of fuel throughout the Republic of Indonesia fully supports the development of Pertashop in villages. His party will continue to coordinate with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Home Affairs, Pertamina and monitor so that the construction of Pertashop in 418 locations can run on time.

“Pertashop is not only a solution to ensure the availability of fuel for rural communities, but also expected to be able to move the village economy which has an impact on improving the welfare of the village community,” explained Ifan, his greeting.

With an average gross profit of IDR 500 thousand / day or IDR 180 million / year, it means that within 3 years the BEP (break event point) has been estimated.

“With a sales turnover of 1 KL / day, this Pertashop can be a pilot. This is a real illustration that this business is very potential, around 3 years can return capital, while SPBU only has an investment value of 10 billion, it takes 10 years before it can reach BEP” said Ifan. .

Ifan further added, because what Pertashop sells is the Pertamax type of fuel, this can reduce premium consumption, which is currently still high in volume and premium is a special type of assignment for which there is still a compensation fund from the Government which is worth tens of trillions of rupiah.

Photo: Doc: BPH Migas

In addition, with the use of Pertamax, it will maintain the reliability and life time of the vehicle because the quality of Pertamax is better and will reduce the premium which in turn can reduce air pollution because the RON 88 premium is still Spec Euro 2 not Euro 4 according to the agreement on world oil recommendations (COP 21) .

The presence of Pertashop according to Ifan can also shift Pertamini and Pom Mini which are legally illegal because there is no General Trading Permit and unregulated selling prices are also not calibrated. “Wisely and a proper solution, Pertamini and Pom Mini can be transformed into a new Pertashop with spacing from gas stations and become Pertamina’s guidance,” concluded Ifan.

The day before, the BPH Migas Team also visited directly Pertashop in Ngluwar Village, Kab. Magelang which is 6 km from the nearest gas station. Pertashop is the highest sales volume nationally with a sales volume of 1.2 KL / day.

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