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While the forty-year years of the Constitution were commemorative with concomitant speeches and some criticism, yesterday, in a corner of Barcelona, ​​there were several arias: colder, more demanding, more enthusiastic. Civil organizations, Together for Catalonia, Esquerra, the CUP and part of the Communists convened a 24-hour mini-Caputxinada that served as a speaker for the four prisoners who decided to go on a hunger strike. The idea was to attract the public's attention with solidity because Jordi Sànchez, Jordi Turull, Josep Rull and Quim Forn felt accompanied. His spokesperson, the journalist Pilar Calvo, said: "The physicist is playing to defend our rights, yesterday I went to see them and they are of good energy, but I am very worried that we can not isolate the violent".

This was one of the most repeated slogans on the day of yesterday: do not fall into provocation. And so the pacifism of Xirinachs, Martin Luther King and Gandhi was invoked rather than the goal of the long-awaited independence. The CER deputy, Ruben Wasenberg, said: "I want to appeal to all those who defend moral rights even if they do not agree with the ultimate goal." Will Europe come? I do not know It will not come if you are not right Citizenship must exert such pressure that the political solution is inevitable ". At his side, JxC spokesperson Elsa Artadi emphasized: "Now it does not mean manifesting itself in the Diagonal, but doing different actions to raise awareness outside our home". And from this "far from home", the exiles Marta Rovira, of ERC, and the former president Carles Puigdemont intervened in videoconference: "The Court of Human Rights has hit the crust in Turkey for a deputy who It has been a prison without a trial for a year, we have five.While the European institutions are not aware of us, we must turn to the citizens to fight the democratic withdrawal anywhere in the Union. "From the public, a citizen said : "I need to do things, but I need someone to organize me". And Carles Riera, of the CUP, promised him actions to commemorate December 21st, but without giving details: "There are things that, to do it, should not be said".

In 1966, even a hundred intellectuals, politicians and professors had a clear need for this strategic arrest. They closed in the Capuchin convent of Sarrià to ask for democracy, and among those who welcomed the greeting was Father Botam, who yesterday, with more than ninety years, returned to welcome those who for hundreds of -700 a In the afternoon they filled the enclosure. Those who fasted were fed up with words: they shared poetry with Enric Cassasses; Classes on the classics with the councilor Laura Borràs and the philosopher Xavier Antich; social reflections with Arcadi Oliveras and Vicenç Relats, of Pro Hosting; songs with Jaume Arnella, and in the evening, the deputy Anna Tarrés has a friend to do a yoga class to relax the body in an instant. All to scare your appetite, all to overcome anger, all to raise your voice and ask for an answer to this preventive prison that is prolonged.

During the day, politicians were increasingly spontaneously united, as the journalist and professor Josep Lluís Eras: "I have very clear, I have been here to sleep". And the bags were piled on the floor in the two floors of the monastery's reception. Everyone knew that the night would be cold, despite the butane and long heaters. As Deputy Aurora Madaula said: "The belly makes me sound healthy, but it is obvious that the cause justifies it". Sai: in every fight, the resistance phase is the most urgent.


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