Make Rich Suddenly! This coin is priced at IDR 100 million

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Lately, there are lots of market places selling various old coins at fantastic prices. Who would have thought, coins that were initially considered worthless, turned out to be worth hundreds of millions of rupiah.

So what are they, here are some of these types of money:

– Rp. 25 coin issued in 1996 with a picture of nutmeg

– IDR 50 coin issued in 1971 with a picture of Cenderawasih

– A Rp 100 coin issued in 1978 with a picture of a puppet and a gadang house

– The Rp 500 coin issued in 1992 with a picture of a jasmine flower, yellow

– IDR 1,000 coin with a picture of a palm oil

In addition to the five notes, banknotes worth Rp. 500 with pictures of debtors issued in 1992 were also sold for Rp. 1.5 million and Rp. 8 million. However, there are also those who sell it at an unmitigated price of Rp. 50 million.

This is confirmed by Yohanes Dicky (23 years old) who has a hobby of collecting ancient money since he was in elementary school (SD). His interest in ancient money began when he liked to be given ‘angpao’ from his family and colleagues.

Different from other children who usually spend their money, Yohanes actually keeps some of the money he has earned. Until now the money is part of several collections.

Of all the rupiah series that have been published, he admits that he already has all the series. So no wonder, from his hobby, the investment to collect his ancient money has reached hundreds of millions of rupiah.

“The investment may have reached IDR 300 million to IDR 400 million, because he collected it from a young age,” Yohanes told CNBC Indonesia.

Photo: 1978 100 rupiah coin. (Doc: Gallery Currency Bank Indonesia)
1978 100 rupiah coin. (Doc: Gallery Currency Bank Indonesia)

The man who now lives in Purwokerto admits that he gets a lot of ancient money from his fellow community friends. Or usually, when he lived in Yogyakarta he used to look for ancient money at the Yogyakarta Klithikan Market.

Based on his experience, Yohanes said that the most sought after ancient currency among collectors was the guilder money during the Dutch colonial era. Between the series in the 1930s to the era before Indonesia’s independence or under 1945.

Also the most sought after is the Rupiah which is deliberately printed by the Central Bank during certain anniversaries. However, he admitted, special commemorative money for RI in the past was difficult to obtain.

“The most sought after are usually from the Dutch era, money that was issued in the 1930s, the money in the wayang series is really rare. Japanese coins are also quite rare. If Rupiah is the most sought after, it is commemorative money,” explained Yohanes .

The rarer the item, the more expensive it is. Per sheet or coins of rare items, the price can be to buy a new Toyota or Honda car.

“The Dutch can buy the car per sheet, the Wayang series. Now it is still priced at hundreds of millions per share. Because it is rare to have one, few are willing to issue it or are willing to sell it,” he said.

“If the Rupiah banknote that is sought after is a picture of the Balinese Barong which is in the Rp. 10,000 denomination, it is quite difficult to find, the price can be from millions to hundreds of millions, depending on conditions. picture of a bull, the price can be Rp 60 million to Rp 70 million,” said Yohanes again.

Meanwhile, according to Yohanes, the money from the 1990s, such as Rp 500 for a picture of an orangutan, is still not high enough to be used as an investment.

Yohanes himself currently owns all series of rupiah since ancient times to the latest special edition currency issued directly by Bank Indonesia in limited quantities.

“Almost all of the rupiah has been (owned), from the time of independence until now, almost all of them have. Only a few are expensive yet, because the maintenance must also be different, it cannot be included in the album like cheap money,” said Yohanes.

The confession of the man who was born on August 1, 1998, when he was collecting ancient coins, the most expensive price he ever bought, was the latest special edition money which was auctioned directly by Bank Indonesia (BI), bought for Rp. 27 million.

The money purchased for Rp. 27 million was flipchart or money connected between two or more pieces that were deliberately printed without cutting the paper, so that the notes blended with each other.

The flipcharts were deliberately printed in limited quantities for the consumption of collectors, even though they were legal tender

“The most expensive I’ve ever bought, yesterday’s plano money was IDR 27 million. It was auctioned by BI in collaboration with the Auction Hall in Jakarta. One piece of plano contained 40 notes, the nominal was IDR 4 million, but it turned out to be one like a piece of paper. So it was lined up for IDR 100,000 so, but not cut,” he said.

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