Make the most of all Black Friday offers with these apps

Flipp has many Black Friday ads available. Tap on each product and add it to your list.

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Want to make the most of this Black Friday? Here we recommend a couple of applications that will help you get the best offers.

To write each excellent offer in each store, you need to do some planning. Not long ago, this meant reviewing all the Thanksgiving ads (because it was when, of course, they left), carefully comparing prices and positions, surrounding the objects you wanted and then mapping your way through the stores.

But all this is no longer necessary. If you use Flipp, a free application, you can have all the flyers of the different stores in one place and, in this way, easily find what you need and put together a great action plan.

It works like this: open the application and allow access to your location so you can find brochures from nearby stores. So, choose your "favorite" stores from the list.

Once the initial setup is complete, touch the Browse option in the bottom menu, then search and touch Black Friday at the top. Choose any store brochure, then scroll left or right to read the pages. When you see something you would like to buy, just touch it! Flipp surrounds the object in digital ink and adds it to your shopping list.

You can scroll up to advance to the next Black Friday circular or down to return to the previous one.

When you're finished browsing and tapping, choose Shopping List and then press Clippings. Now you can see everything at a glance: every store and every item on your list.

When you're done, you'll be able to see everything in one place.

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The whole process is incredibly easy and the resulting list is incredibly useful. It's also a great way to compare prices on similar items so you do not have to remember them from one ad to the other. (You want to buy a DJI Spark drone, for example? Add where you see it, so you can watch and see which store has the best price).

If you want to be more than prepared for Black Friday, these other applications are a great complement:

Extra! Extra! Last minute offers

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The Black Friday Ads 2018 application sends you notices and notifications of Black Friday news and announcements. So through notifications, which you can configure to reach your email, you will know how, when and where there is a new offer on the market.

Now the coupons are electric

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Whether it's Black Friday or a normal day, the Shopular app shows you the latest offers, options for cashback (cash back) and coupons available in your favorite stores. So if this Black Friday is expected to be in a commercial plaza, this app can be one of your best allies. In addition, when you sign up you will receive US $ 10 on your first purchase at participating stores.

Get ready for Cyber ​​Monday

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If you are shopping online, we recommend that you download the Cyber ​​Monday 2018 Deals, Sale offer. You can access coupons, compare prices, find the lowest price of a specific product and share your favorite offers with your friends.

Make smart purchases

Making a budget is one of the less fun parts to buy, but it is important to keep your finances stable and to make it easier and avoid spending more than you have, we recommend the Mint application.

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