Makes it painful, Ustaz victims in Mojokerto are fed pornographic videos before being molested


An ustaz Al-Qur’an Education Park (TPQ) in the village of Sooko Subdistrict, Mojokerto with the initials RD (40) is suspected of molesting 3 of his male students. While in action he force-fed the victim with a pornographic video with the mode of checking puberty.

The mother of one of the victims said that her son admitted that he had been molested by RD 4 times since December 2021-February 2022. His 12-year-old son only dared to complain to him on April 11.

“What happened to my child was often at 5 pm during the Koran break. My son came in at 4 pm, took a break at 5 until sunset,” the victim’s mother told reporters at the Office of the Women and Children Service Unit (PPA) of the Mojokerto Police Satreskrim, Saturday ( 25/6/2022).

The 39-year-old woman explained that every time she commits immoral acts, Ustaz RD first asks her son to enter the TPQ office. The suspect then pretended to check whether the victim had reached puberty or not.

“This ustaz (RD) offered to turn my child back. My son had refused. However, the ustaz threatened that if he didn’t want to follow the rules, my son would be expelled from the TPQ,” he explained.

While he was alone with Ustaz RD at the TPQ office, his son was allegedly fed pornographic videos with the alleged perpetrator’s cellphone. The son was asked to hold a cell phone that played pornographic videos. Meanwhile, the perpetrator explained the scene in the video to his son.

“This ustaz explained pornographic scenes while sexually abusing my child. Four times the sexual abuse experienced by my child was the same mode, but my son did not come out (sperm),” he explained.

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The lewd act allegedly committed by Ustaz RD traumatized the victim. The victim was frightened every time he met the man. So the victim stopped reading the Koran after complaining to his parents.

So far, only 3 victims have dared to report to the police. Two of the victims were 12 years old while 1 victim was 15 years old. The three teenage boys live in the same village as Ustaz RD in Sooko District, Mojokerto. RD is a senior TPQ ustaz in the village who already has a wife and children.

So far, only 3 victims of alleged sexual abuse by Ustaz RD have dared to report to the police. They received legal assistance and trauma healing from the NU Counseling and Legal Aid Institute (LPBH), the Women’s Crisis Center, and Fatayat NU, Mojokerto Regency.

“All of the victims were male. One of the victims was molested by the alleged perpetrator from grade 1 of junior high school to grade 3 of junior high school,” said Head of LPBH NU, Mojokerto Regency, Ansorul Huda.

Ansorul hopes that the police will immediately resolve this case and arrest Ustaz RD so that he does not fall victim to another sexual abuse. He also asked the police and related agencies to track down all the immoral victims of the TPQ teacher. Because he suspected the victims were more than three teenagers.

“The sexual disorder of this perpetrator can become a kind of infectious disease for children. We hope that investigators will trace other victims. So that the victims will immediately get psychological healing,” he explained.

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Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Mojokerto Police, AKP Gondam Prienggondhani, said that his party had followed up on the report of the victim’s parents. Currently, the sexual abuse case allegedly committed by Ustaz RD has gone up to the investigation stage.

“We have followed up on the report. We have advanced it to the investigation. While we are still examining the witnesses,” he concluded.

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