MAKRO posted the XB sign for the first day, 22 November 21, ready to subscribe for PO shares.

Mrs. Suchada Itthicharukul, Chief Executive Officer Siam Makro Business Group (wholesale business) company Siam Makro Public Company Limited or MAKRO said that after MAKRO accepted the entire business transfer of Lotus’s group or Lotus’s, it was a business transformation.

with a prominent market position or market positioning and strategy This will increase the potential and opportunities for business expansion in the region. as well as upgrading to be the largest retailer and wholesaler in Southeast Asia Looking at retail sales in 2020, it’s $12.9 billion.

Ms. Weena Lertnimit Executive Vice President Head of Investment Banking Division, Siam Commercial Bank as a financial advisor and underwriter and underwriting manager, said that MAKRO has filed a filing with the SEC for offering new and existing ordinary shares to the general public or PO in the amount of not more than 2,270,000,000 shares at par value. (Par) 0.50 baht per share At present, the SEC has already counted one filing.

By this offering of ordinary shares, it will be able to increase the distribution of shares held by minority shareholders or free float to not less than 15% of the paid-up capital. according to the minimum criteria of the Stock Exchange of Thailand This will benefit the company’s stock trading liquidity. In addition, the company’s shares It is of interest to institutional investors both in Thailand and abroad.

Including the opportunity to be selected into the calculations in various major indices. MAKRO will use the proceeds from the fundraising to expand the retail and wholesale business both in Thailand and abroad. including to pay off some loans from financial institutions and used as working capital for further business operations

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In this regard, the offering of such ordinary shares to the minority subscribers will allocate shares using the Small Lot First method using the computer system of SETTRADE.

These are 1. SCB Easy application, 2. Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking application, and 3. TrueMoney Wallet application by KTBST Securities. MAKRO will inform the initial offering price range. know After the approval of the offer for sale of securities and the filing form has come into force.

Mr. Pichet Sithi-Amnuai, Managing Director Bualuang Securities Public Company Limited as a financial advisor And the distribution and warranty manager said that for the existing shareholders of MAKRO, CP All Public Company Limited or CPALL and Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited, or CPF, will receive a partial allocation of shares. from the Company’s ordinary shares All to be offered for sale to the general public have set 22 Nov. 64 as the first date of the XB sign.

By those who purchase ordinary shares of MAKRO and CPALL and CPF on the date mentioned above. Will not be entitled to subscribe for the MAKRO ordinary shares offered for sale in this time and this 23 Nov 64 will be the date to determine the list of existing shareholders or the Record Date of MAKRO CPALL and CPF that will be allocated. share

and has the exercise ratio or Ratio to subscribe for MAKRO ordinary shares which are set as follows:

1. Existing shareholders of MAKRO in the ratio of 10 ordinary shares of MAKRO to 1 ordinary share of MAKRO offered for sale.

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2. Existing shareholders of CPALL in the ratio of 15 ordinary shares of CPALL to 1 ordinary share of MAKRO offered for sale.

3. Holding CPF’s existing shares in the ratio of 70 ordinary shares of CPF to 1 ordinary share of MAKRO offered for sale.

For existing shareholders who are entitled to subscribe for MAKRO ordinary shares, they can subscribe through 2 subscription agents or Subscription Agents, namely via SCB Easy application and Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking application. In the event that it is not convenient to make a reservation through the above application channel Existing shareholders can subscribe at branches of Siam Commercial Bank and Bangkok Bank. all branches throughout Thailand

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