With the support of institutions and under the triple challenge of Reactivate, Renew and Reinvent, a Contest and a Hackathon with prizes is launched, and the creation of a ‘Tourist Solutions Exchange’.

It is intended for entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs to recognize a product or service already in operation or that can be implemented in the short term (in the form of a contest) or any person or team that presents incipient ideas to be developed (in the hackathon).

The Malaga City Council, through Promálaga and the City’s Tourism and Promotion area, launches an online challenge to promote innovative ideas that help boost the post-Covid-19 tourism sector.

Called (in English) ‘Málaga Tourism Challenge’, it comprises a Contest and a Hackathon with the aim of collecting ideas, solutions and projects related to tourism. All this under the triple challenge of Reactivate, Renew and Reinvent.

For the development of this initiative, a specific web in which all the information on the two sections of the challenge, characteristics, requirements, deadlines, prizes and a set of axes on which to base the material presented is offered. Registration in both modalities is free.

It is part of the different actions that the Malaga Council is carrying out, through the Tourism, City Promotion and Investment Capture Area, in order to implement strategies and plans that favor and anticipate the recovery of the tourism sector.

Entrepreneurs, startups or SMEs that have a project, product or service may participate in the Contest.

The Hackathon, for its part, is aimed at any entrepreneur who presents an incipient idea focused on the sector and who wants to participate in a collective process of development and validation of said idea.

The ‘Málaga Tourism Challenge’ Jury will be made up, among others, by members of different administrations and entities involved in the tourism sector that have adhered to this initiative to date, such as Tourism and Planning of the Costa del Sol de la Provincial Council of Malaga, Andalusia Andalusian Tourism Lab, the Faculty of Tourism of the University of Malaga, the Malaga Business Confederation and the Chamber of Commerce.

Phases of the initiative

Regarding the Contest, the registration period is until May 5, 2020, inclusive. They have to submit, up to and including the mentioned day, a detailed explanation of the project so that a professional jury expert in the sector can assess it.

And from May 6 to 10, we will proceed to the preliminary assessment stage. All projects will be previously evaluated by a team of experts linked to the tourism and / or entrepreneurship sector. The unification of proposals may be requested. Likewise, it will facilitate its own assessment from the point of view of the viability of the solutions to be implemented in the Malaga environment.

Regarding the Hackathon, registration is until May 1, inclusive. You can participate individually or in a team made up of a maximum of five members, having to submit the proposal up to and including the mentioned day.

From May 2 to 7, the preparatory phase will take place. The organization will contact all those registered to indicate the guidelines and rules of the Hackathon. For a week you can work remotely through the Proofhub tool and you can count on the support of the mentoring service made up of experts in the development of tourism businesses; as well as professionals from the sector.

On May 8 the Hackathon Online will be held. An intensive online work session will be developed through the mentioned tool. With the choice of this format, the idea is to be transformed into viable prototypes. The mentoring team will be available to resolve queries in real time. At the end of the Hackathon Online, 5 projects will be selected, among which the jury will select the winning team.

The Contest and the Hackathon will have a common stage. On May 11 and 12, the Jury will proceed to deliberation, which will debate and evaluate the work carried out in the framework of both categories. 3 finalist teams will be selected in both the Contest and the Hackathon.

The selection process will be carried out based on the viability of the project, its value contribution to the economic recovery, the degree of innovation and the impact on the future of the tourism sector in Malaga. Among them, with the support of the mentoring expert, the final winning projects of the Málaga Tourism Challenge will be decided.

On May 13, the Jury’s decision will be published, indicating both the winning projects and the finalists in each category.

Likewise, the Malaga Tourism Challenge Tourist Solutions Exchange will be published, which will include all the projects presented and positively valued, developed during the challenge.

Initiative Awards

a) Contest: – Accrediting diploma for the three finalists.

– 1st prize: 3,000 euros for the best proposal for the future of tourism developed by the entrepreneur, startup or SME (plus option of institutional support for participation in competitions and calls for national and / or international aid, incubation services.)

– Finalists: Possibility of receiving a second prize of 1,000 euros at the unanimous proposal of the Jury. (More option of institutional support for participation in competitions and calls for national and / or international aid, incubation services.)

b) Hackathon: – Accrediting diploma for the three finalists.

– 1st prize: 1,500 euros for the winning team of the hackathon (plus mentoring to develop the idea and present it to different competitions or incubation / acceleration spaces).

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