Maldives: Turtle wants to lay her eggs and finds only one airport


Turtles are very connected to the place where they were born. Again and again they return to the place where they once hatched, to lay down their own eggs there. But the habitat of the animals is getting smaller and smaller – where in the past they were able to move undisturbed, in many places the human has spread.

A moving impression of how humans and their industry rob animals of their natural environment conveys a picture that is currently bypassing Twitter. It shows a turtle in the Maldives that returns to the beach where it was apparently born and lays its eggs there. However, not on a sandy beach, but on gray asphalt – because there is now an airport there.

Turtle returns home at birth – and finds a runway

Apparently, the turtle found no better place for their eggs than the runway. As the Maldivian newspaper “The Edition” writes, the animal is well, it was brought back into the sea. The airport employee, who posted the picture on Twitter, also linked his tweet with an appeal: “I hope people understand this message: It's not about this one turtle, it's about a whole species.” The cycle of life had been stopped by the construction of the airport.

Since last year, near the beach in Noonu Atoll, there is the Maafaru airport. In the past, turtles used to lay their eggs there regularly, according to “The Edition”, the migration of turtle mothers did not diminish even after the completion of the airport. Only they do not find their habitat anymore.

“The question remains, how much of the biodiversity of the Maldives can be sacrificed for the industrial and economic progress of the Maldives,” the newspaper comments. Every year, more than 1.3 tourists visit the island state, tourists are the largest factor in the gross domestic product. For turtles and their eggs there seems to be no room left.

Swell: Parveen Kaswan on Twitter / “The Edition”

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