Małgorzata Rozenek eats pizza and hugs Radosław Majdan on a date (PHOTOS)

It is wonderful to observe rage, fury, aggression, thrashing, helpless actions, desperation, stupid acts, constant dressing up and walking around the streets, chaotic statements by Małgorzata Majdanek, who after the recent alcohol scandal in Sopot and a short summary of her NOTHING by Kuba Wojewódzki was launched with TVN, along with his livestock, W KOSMOS, into NOTHING! YOU DO NOT EXIST on TVN programs anymore and this is your end of the media. Take care of Majdanek – finally – son Heniek. Come on, turned-up woman promoting herself anywhere. You’re SHOT so hard to understand? What a painful fall of the elderly woman Małgorzata and her bald third husband …

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