Małgorzata Socha walks around the center of Warsaw in a tracksuit and slippers. Fans divided

Małgorzata Socha likes to boast about her stylizations on Instagram. She usually focuses on classic and elegant solutions, such as a maxi dress in combination with a jacket. Thanks to this, it always looks classy on the walls. Every day, however, Małgorzata Socha chooses definitely looser stylizations. She walked the streets of Warsaw in tracksuit.

Małgorzata Socha in a sporty edition. Trendy boots

Małgorzata Socha published a short video on Instagram in which she presented her autumn styling. The actress opted for a warm and comfortable tracksuit set. She presented fans with two versions of the styling – with a gray and black tracksuit. She completed the whole with a short jacket with lapels, which she added a bit of sporty styling. She also opted for an elegant one handbag from Chanel.

In slippers to the street? Why not!

However, the shoes of the actress in particular caught our attention. Małgorzata Socha decided on brown slippers in the style of the well-known UGG brand. It is a producer of fashionable snow boots this season, which was promoted, among others, by Bella Hadid. Shoes in this style are a perfect complement to urban stylizations. This season, tracksuits and slippers accompany us not only at home.

The vast majority of the star’s fans praised her styling. The comments below the post read:

Great styling.

The lady looks fantastic in everything.

Not a tracksuit, but a style.

However, some observers disagreed:

You wear tracksuits in the apartment.

In a tracksuit, it’s only around the house.

In our opinion, a tracksuit set is a great basis for urban styling in a sporty style. If someone feels comfortable in it, there is no reason to squeeze into tight jeans for an autumn walk. What do you think? Do you also wear tracksuits for walks around the city?

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