Malware-as-a-service botnet Emotet is back up and running after 10 months of silence – IT Pro – News

Malwarebotnet Emotet, one of the most infamous malware strains of recent years, is back in business. That writes the Eindhovens Dagblad on the basis of conversations with security experts. The botnet was taken offline in January by, among others, the Dutch police.

The botnet appears to be spread by ‘cyber gang’ Conti, experts say against the Eindhovens Dagblad. The botnet, which could be used as malware-as-a-service, among other things, was launched in January by, among others, the Dutch police. taken offline. This happened during an action by Europol in which two main servers were hacked offline in the Netherlands.

Emotet was one of the most notorious forms of malware for years. It started in 2014 as a trojan that installed malware to steal banking information, but evolved into multifaceted malware that spread via emails with infected Word documents attached. Criminals could hire Emotet to protect ransomware or remote access tools spreading.

The botnet has now reappeared, say employees of security company Northwave and ESET Netherlands. It’s not yet the size it used to be, but it looks like the Emotet network is being re-prepared. It also appears that ransomware gang Conti is responsible for resurrecting Emotet and is in control. That gang is responsible for various great ransomwareaanvallen and is considered the second largest ransomware group in the world after REvil. The virus is spread through an existing criminal server network.

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