Mammoth Project: Internet Archive wants to "preserve" Google+


The Internet archive plans to save the public contributions of the long-term network to the announced end of Google+. The idea was born in January, but the project is very vast and devours not only great technical resources and a lot of manpower, but also a lot of money.

New look on Google+Personal data can be easily downloaded by any user on Google+

Google+ will be officially closed after almost eight years on April 2nd, so the Internet company wants to close the offer. Until then, users can back up their data there, but Google+ will no longer exist as a community. As the end is known, an Internet Archive team has been committed to maintaining data online. Although Google+ has failed as a platform, there are a large number of important contributions, information and discussions that are seen as an enrichment. The fact that these have now disappeared is the Internet Archive team a horror.

Planned static HTML project

Therefore, the plan now intends to retain much of the data. This is possible for all the posts and photos that are freely available, so publicly available. These should be included in the archive and remain searchable as static HTML in the future.

The backup has now started about a week and a half ago. Most public Google + content should persist in the Internet Archive.

On the other hand, users who do not want to see their public contributions again in the archive may file an objection and obtain the deletion of the data recorded in the archive. At Reddit, the project managers once again explain how they want to master the mammoth task.

The donors wanted

Incidentally, this also includes the search for donors who contribute to hosting costs. The security of 1 terabyte of data costs the volunteer project about $ 2000, he said. How great the (still) unknown Google+ record will be.

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