Man (50) tries to avoid quarantine by skiing across the border | Abroad

The man wanted to ‘avoid’ the quarantine rules by tying on the skis. However, the weather was not favorable and he had to be rescued, Euronews reports. The man was then turned over to the Norwegian police. He may now be prosecuted because of his illegal border crossing.

Under Norwegian corona rules, anyone entering the country must submit a negative test and be quarantined in a hotel for ten days. “He wanted to go back to Norway to get some documents and then go back to Sweden where he works,” said a member of the rescue team from the town of Tydal. “But to get around the quarantine, he decided to cross the border via the mountains. A trip of about 40 kilometers in total. ”


When the man was halfway through his journey but succumbed, a reindeer breeder came to his aid. He handed it over to a few fishermen at Essandsjoen Lake, along the Norwegian-Swedish border. They called in the emergency services. The man was then also brought to the police. He would have reacted “very angry” and is now in isolation in a hotel nearby.

Sparsely populated Norway has only 700 corona-related deaths. Sweden, which is internationally known for its somewhat looser corona policy, reported about 13,500 corona deaths. That is a few thousand fewer than in the Netherlands.

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