Man arrested for breaking the window of a van to steal a purse


Agents of the National Police have arrested in Gijón a 35-year-old neighbor of Alicante, accused of breaking the window of a delivery van to steal the bag of his driver, who had left it in the passenger seat while delivering an order.

According to a press release from the Gijón Police Station, it was a witness to the events who put the man to flight without him achieving his objective.

The events took place on the 17th, when the police were summoned by the employees of a supermarket because a man had stolen items from the interior and had fled.

While the policemen were carrying out the checks in the establishment, a woman informed them that, minutes before, this same person had tried to steal the bag from a delivery girl.

The witness related that she had surprised this individual after breaking the window of a van and when calling his attention he had fled without taking any effect from the interior.

The woman explained that she had followed him and managed to catch up with him, but he had hit her to escape and take refuge in the supermarket.

The agents tried to identify the defendant, who was without a mask and without any documents, but he refused to provide any information on his affiliation.

The man was arrested and transferred to the police station, where it was found that he was a resident of Alicante with a record in Alcoy and Benidorm for violent robberies and resistance and disobedience.

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