Man charged with extensive theory test cheating

A man is accused of having helped people from all over the country cheat on the theory test. They were given custom-made shirts with video and audio equipment, according to police.

This shirt is said to have been used to cheat on the theory test at Stord, according to investigation leader Roald Raunholm. Photo: Henrik Mundal Andreassen (archive)

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The man is accused in Haugaland District Court of having helped 19 people from several parts of the country with theory test cheating, writes NRK.

The case started after an incident at the traffic station at Stord in 2018 aroused suspicion.

– A man behaved suspiciously during the theory test. We took him into a room and discovered that he was wearing equipment for communication, says section leader Torbjørn Brosvik at Trafikant Vest in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

Shortly afterwards, they discovered several suspicious people sitting in an Oslo taxi outside the traffic station, one of whom was the now accused man.

The police believe that the candidates were wearing a shirt with a hole where one of the buttons should have been. There was instead a small camera that filmed the theory test, while the accused man lined the candidates with correct answers via a hidden plug in the ear, the police believe.

The 19 other people in the case have been fined. The accused man denies criminal guilt, according to his lawyer, Linda Ellefsen Eide.

The trial starts in Haugaland District Court on Monday, and six trial days have been set.


Published: February 21, 2021 10:49 PM

Updated: February 22, 2021 22:00

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