Man got rich after his Super Bowl antics


Stricker got rich after his Super Bowl antics

A runner in a pink swimsuit caught by the event’s security made good money on his trick.

A man in a pink bikini who ran out onto the stadium field during Superboula 2021 earned more than 370 thousand dollars. Reported by The Blast.

According to the newspaper, 31-year-old Jüri Andrade became the hero of the evening when he ran across the field in a pink swimsuit, with an advertisement for an adult website.

He was eventually arrested and charged with illegal entry, and also paid a $ 1,000 fine.

However, before the event, Andrade had bet 50 thousand dollars at the bookmaker’s office that someone would run out onto the field during Super Bowl… Thus, he earned 374 thousand dollars on the bet and received a bonus for advertising.

After his release, Yuuri entered a restaurant in Tampa, where a fan spotted him.

“I met a striker Super Bowl at J. Alexander’s restaurant during lunch before leaving Tampa. He bet 50 thousand on a reference bet of +750, which is Super Cup will be a streaker “, – said an eyewitness on Instagram.

It is noted that Andrade’s trick became another advertisement for the adult site Vitaly Uncensored, which is owned by Vitaly Zdorovetsky. Previously, his girlfriend Kinsey Wolanski ran out with the site’s logo during the Champions League final.

Recall in the final Super Bowl team Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the champion last season Kansas City Chiefs. Match accompanied by a grand show, which was attended by many stars.

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