‘Man looking for himself’ spoke: I don’t care about the world

Beyhan Mutlu, who participated in the search for himself after drinking alcohol in Bursa’s İnegöl district, made headlines on the websites of the world’s leading newspapers with the headline “The Missing Turk joined the search team”.

known to the world Beyhan HappyHe broke his silence and told about those moments he lived.

Expressing that he came from the Hamitler District of Bursa and worked in the Çayyaka neighborhood of İnegöl, Mutlu said, “We handled our business in İnegöl with my friend Mesut on the day of the incident. We also drank alcohol when we came. “He did not fully understand me. When he saw that I did not return, he became curious. He informed the gendarmerie and search and rescue teams,” he said.

Saying that he slept at around 1 am, Mutlu said, “I woke up at around 5 am. I went out. When I saw the search and rescue teams, I went to them and asked what was wrong. They said there was a missing person. They said they called me. When they heard my name, a cold sweat broke out. I said that Beyhan Mutlu was me, but they continued to call. They did not believe me. When my friend Mesut saw me, the situation came to light.”

Reminding that the world press is also on the agenda, Mutlu said, “I was very surprised. Something like this suddenly happened to us. There has never been such an event in my life.”

Saying that he never read the news about him, Mutlu said, “After the incident, I always worked. I did not read any news. The phone does not receive much call here. I work in construction. I would like to thank the Gendarmerie Command teams and search and rescue teams who supported me in the disappearance incident. Greetings to the whole world. I care about the world. not,” he said.

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