Man shot in the police operation at Campbelltown train station


An armed man was shot by the police at Campbelltown station in south-west Sydney.

Police said the man was hit after challenging the officers with a knife outside the train station just before 2.45pm.

The police commissioned the man, but when he continued to make threats, he was hit, NSW police said in a statement.

"The man would have challenged officers with a knife in Hurley Street, outside the train station," the statement reads.

"The police deployed a taser, but he continued to threaten the police before being hit."

The man suffered a single gunshot wound to the stomach and was taken by ambulance to the Liverpool hospital. Your condition has not been confirmed.

The police established a crime scene and urged the locals to avoid the area while the investigation continues.

"The police are not looking for anyone in connection with the incident, and no police or other members of the public were injured," said a statement from the NSW police.

"A critical incident investigation team will investigate the circumstances of the accident."

Two officers are now questioned about the police operation, according to the 2GB.

Three ambulance teams and a specialized medical team attended at 2.45am this afternoon and treated a male patient for a gunshot wound, understands it.

A local driver said the accident was causing traffic chaos.

"Traffic is absolutely everywhere," the caller said.

"At the moment it is a nightmare, absolutely in everything."

Commuters trying to cross Campbelltown train station were warned of delays, as the police isolated the area after the police operation.

A student named Emma phoned the radio station saying that the pupils had been left "stuck".

He said the students had been taken off a school bus in the middle of the street and now they weren't sure how they would return home.

"There are people everywhere. Schoolchildren are stuck," he said.

"All our buses, we were told, are late."

The girl said that there were people crying "because they saw".

And there is something else.

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