Man threatened to blow himself up


The police arrested the 33-year-old in Osnabrück.

(Photo: AP)

HanoverThe security authorities have detained a 33-year-old in Osnabrück, who announced that he wanted to blow up in Berlin. The native of Lebanon man threatened to harm people from his family, said Minister of Interior Boris Pistorius (SPD) on Friday in the state parliament in Hanover. The man is known as a violent offender and was classified as a high-risk case in the area of ​​domestic violence. He announced that he wanted to die a martyr's death, said Pistorius.

The man was released from prison in February and was arrested on Wednesday. The district court declared a long-term custody admissible for security reasons, the man remains initially detained for 14 days.

According to dpa information, an Islamist background can not be ruled out, but the authorities have not targeted the man because of Islamist activities. The background of the threat will now be clarified – as well as the seriousness and the question of whether the man may also mentally disturbed.

The new Lower Saxony Police Law, passed in May, allows preventive detention for perpetrators up to 35 days to combat terrorism better. After a similar case of threatened violence, the police from Lower Saxony one year ago had taken a 19-year-old from Bielefeld for a week in long-term custody. Family members had stated that the young man had told them about a radicalization and an unspecified violence. The threat proved to be irrelevant.

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