Man to be charged with rape at Brann Stadion – NRK Vestland

The police confirm in a press release that a man is charged with section 291 of the Penal Code.

This deals with sexual intercourse with violence or threatening behavior.

The charge is said to have been taken in connection with the police seizing the man’s mobile phone, according to VG, who first mentioned the charge.

The accused man has been questioned twice. He does not plead guilty.

– The accused has not been arrested and it is not changes in the evidence recently that are the basis for changing the status, the police write in the press release.

The man is now charged in connection with the police using coercive measures against the man to secure evidence in the case.

– The case concerns rape. Due to the type of case, this case has a high priority with us, says police attorney Lillian Anderson Kleppe to NRK.

Several questioned

Several people have been questioned, according to Kleppe. The man was given the status of accused at the end of last week.

– The police have conducted a number of interrogations in the case, but the investigation is ongoing. Among other things, several interrogations will be carried out further, but I can not go into detail on exactly what the police plan further, says the police attorney.

Fire chief Vibeke Johannesen herself has stated that she has had status as a witness in the case.

Last week, the police are said to have seized surveillance photos.

SERIOUS: The sports club Brann describes the development in the case as serious.

Photo: Julianne Bråten Mossing / NRK

– We have handed over what the police have wanted from surveillance images, Johannesen told NRK yesterday.

On Thursday, SK Brann issued a new press release.

– This is a serious development in the case. For everyone involved, this is a deeply tragic and regrettable case. The sports club Brann assists the police with what we can, the club writes in the press release.

– Expects the case to be dropped

John Christian Elden is the defense counsel for the accused in the rape case.

– It is stated that there is no new information in the case, and we expect that the case will be dropped, Elden says to NRK.

John Christian Elden

LAWYER: John Christian Elden is defending the accused in the rape case.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / Pool / NTB

The accused believes that there is no basis for the charge that has now been taken out. The police will provide a quick clarification in the case, according to Elden.

– I have some problems with seeing the importance of seizing my mobile phone, but the police probably have a good reason for this, says Elden.

Two investigations

This week came the news that Police are also investigating a possible case of violence. A man is suspected and a woman is offended.

Police confirm that they are investigating whether the woman has been subjected to a physical assault. The suspect does not plead guilty.

The woman has reported the case to the police. She is on sick leave as a result of the stresses after the case, according to her assistance lawyer Hilde Cecilie Matre.

– She has been questioned by the police, but I can not say anything more about the background about why she was in the interrogations, Matre says to NRK.

Player was fired

After the sequel, there have been more details about what happened that night.

On Monday, nine Brann players appeared as participants in the nachspielet. In a statement, they wrote that they did not recognize themselves in many of the descriptions from the media and rumors that have gone on social media.

The sports club Brann has football training

THREE HAVE STOPPED: Three people who were at the place on the nachspielet have left the team. Barmen was fired due to the club’s assessment of his role in the nachspielet.

Photo: Julianne Bråten Mossing / NRK

In addition to the nine, Mikkel Andersen, Kristoffer Barmen and Vegard Forren were present.

Barmen was fired from the club on Friday, while Andersen asked to have his contract terminated. Forren and Brann agreed to terminate the contract on August 11 for family reasons.

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