Manchester City belies the singing of the players on the Liverpool fan Sean Cox or Hillsborough


Manchester City has denied allegations of its players' songs related to Sean Cox or Hillsborough.

Pep Guardiola's players were targeted after a video appeared on social media to show them the singing of an unpleasant version of the song of "Allez Allez Allez".

The rendition of the song is believed to have been shot on their home plane from Brighton after winning the Premier League title on Sunday.

Several members of the first team are among those who have seen the voices sung that the fans are "abused in the streets" and be "victims of all this".

The song also refers to Vincent Kompany "wounding" the Liverpool star Mo Salah.

Football fans have launched themselves furiously on social media to slam the players and the club for the vile song and their unprofessional behavior.

In the video, which became viral on social media, players can be heard singing: "Up to Kiev, to end in defeat.

"Crying in the stands and knocked down the streets.

"Kompany wounded Salah, victim of everything."

The winners of the Premier League returned to Manchester on Sunday night after winning the championship, when the video was taken.

According to the mirror and a series of national media such as Sky Sports, a statement from Premier League champions insisted that the song was a regular song during the season and refers to Liverpool losing the Champions League final in Kiev.

"Any suggestions that the texts relate to Sean Cox or the Hillsborough tragedy are completely groundless," the statement added.

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