Manchester United takeover battle as hot as the World Cup |

Interest in Manchester United (Man Utd), a British professional football club, which has been rumored to be sold, is growing. Following Apple, foreign media reported that the founder of Zara and Saudi Arabia would jump into the bid to take over Manchester United.

The Daily Star, a British media outlet, reported on the 24th that “Apple has shown interest in acquiring Manchester United.” According to reports, Apple has already discussed a takeover deal with Manchester United. Apple CEO Tim Cook also began reviewing the effect of the acquisition. Apple’s takeover offer is estimated at £5.8 billion (approximately 9.3 trillion won). In fact, if traded at this price, Manchester United will become the most expensive sports club in the world.

Along with the acquisition of Man Utd, Apple is also considering building a world-class stadium. Apple has shown interest in the sports industry several times this year. In order to strengthen the content of Apple TV+, an online video service (OTT), it signed a contract for the broadcasting rights of the American Professional Baseball (MLB) in March, followed by the exclusive broadcasting rights of the American Professional Football (MLS) in September. According to the New York Times on the 23rd, negotiations are under way to purchase broadcasting rights for the National Football League (NFL).

The Saudi government has also expressed interest in taking over Manchester United. Saudi Arabia’s Prince and Sports Minister Abdulaziz bin Turki said in an interview with the BBC that day, “I am interested in acquiring Manchester United and Liverpool FC.”

Amancio Ortega, the founder and largest shareholder of Inditex, which runs the fashion brand Zara, also joined. According to the Manchester Evening News on this day, Ortega recently discussed the takeover of Manchester United with Inditex management. Another British media outlet, The Telegraph, reported on the same day that “Jim Ratcliffe, chairman of Ineos, a British chemical company, is showing interest in acquiring Manchester United.”

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On the 22nd, Manchester United indicated its intention to sell the club, saying, “We will consider strategic alternatives for the future, such as attracting new investments and selling.” It is known that the co-owners of Manchester United, such as Abram Glaser and Joe Glaser, are hoping for a sale price of 8.25 billion pounds (approximately 13.22 trillion won). On the 25th, the New York Stock Exchange finished trading at $21.21, up 12.82% from the previous day. Manchester United shares have risen 65.96% in the past five trading days, fueled by rumors of a sale.

Reporter Lee Joo-hyun [email protected]

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