Mandalika 2021 World Superbike Race Held Today, MGPA Claims Mandalika Circuit Has Passed Homologation : Okezone Sports

MANDALIKA – First race World Superbike (WSBK) Mandalika 2021 ready to be held in Mandalika Circuit, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Saturday (20/11/2021). This is in line with the statement by the President Director of MGPA, Ricky Baheramsjah, that the Mandalika Circuit has passed homologation from the FIM.

Previously, there were concerns about the homologation of the Mandalika Circuit. In fact, this is an important thing before being able to hold a race.

Apparently, the Mandalika Circuit just passed homologation on Thursday (11/18/2021), or two days before the WSBK race took place. Ricky was also happy with the condition of the completed track.

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“With the completion of homologation, it spurs our enthusiasm to be more all-out in holding a series of WSBK races,” said Ricky, Saturday (20/11/2021).

“Currently, all the equipment is ready and complete, the organizers and race supporters are also ready. We ask for prayers and support so that this event runs smoothly and successfully,” he said.

“This is good news for all of us and a great pride considering this circuit is a new circuit. We have proven that this circuit is feasible and has the quality that meets the requirements to hold an international motorcycle racing event,” said Ricky.

“The construction of the circuit was also carried out quickly, which took only 14 months. We are grateful for the support of all parties so that we can achieve this achievement,” he said.

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Alex Lowes (Foto: WorldSBK)

However, news got out that the Mandalika Circuit has only received Grade B homologation. In fact, to hold a MotoGP race it takes a track with Grade A homologation. This makes this track must immediately improve before MotoGP comes in 2022.

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