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Go-ahead of the commission Budget to the maneuver. The committee concluded the examination and gave the mandate to the rapporteurs to report back to the House on a maxi-amendment as the government has already reserved the possibility of placing trust. The examination of the Assembly of Montecitorio will begin tomorrow evening. Probably the request for trust arrives on Thursday. Italy-EU negotiations are continuing, but Minister Tria warns: now "political decisions" are needed in "tight deadlines" to avoid the procedure and Premier Conte says: "With Brussels, only I and the maneuver can change. need more time".

Change with the maneuver the leave for the new working mothers. Who will (with a doctor's free way) will remain at work until the ninth month, bringing the whole five-month abstention period to post-delivery. This is what an amendment of the League dedicated to family policies has been approved by the House Budget Committee. The new system is proposed as an 'alternative' to the current one, which imposes the obligation to abstention (one or two months) before the birth of the child.

The bonus for enrollment in public or private kindergartens increases from 1,000 to 1,500 euros per year. The measure created with the 2017 budget law is extended with the increase up to 2021. It provides for an amendment of the League dedicated to the family approved by the House budget. Starting from 2022 it will instead be a Dpcm to determine the amount, however not less than 1,000 euros on an annual basis.

"On the maneuver – said the Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini – we are working in the interest of Italians" and the amendments "we agree with Parliament, we are a parliamentary Republic, we pay the salary Italians. our employers are Italians and I want to help them pay less taxes and work harder.The dialogue with Brussels – he added – is important but our shareholders are 60 million Italians ".

"From 2019 the Ligurians will pay less to the distributor without renouncing the safety of the territory. The Government undertakes to cover the revenue from the tax imposed in the definitive drafting of the Stability Law. "The President of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti declares this in a note, after the night's withdrawal of the excise tax amendment in Liguria." agreement with the Deputy Minister of the Economy Massimo Garavaglia – he explains – we have verified the possibility to cover with national funds the sums allocated on the hydrogeological instability and covered from 2011 with the excise taxes on the fuels of Liguria ".



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