Maneuver, more than 6 thousand amendments. Fisco, on the tax cut break between government and trade unions –

Flood of amendments on the maneuver while split between unions and government over tax cuts. The progress of the budget law for 2022 is complicated. While the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, tries to secure the provision by meeting one by one the majority parties (Monday 29 November the first summit with the 5 Stars) in the Senate the same political forces competed over who presented the most amendments.

The race of amendments

In the end, the proposed changes are 6,290. Many concern the tax chapter, where on Monday the meeting between the Minister of Economy, Daniele Franco, and the leaders of CGIL, CISL and UIL went badly. Landini, Sbarra and Bombardieri have rejected the tax cut shown to them, which, they say, does not benefit low-income employees and retirees and they will consider whether to escalate the protest initiatives.

Tax records

In the avalanche of amendments presented in the Senate there is the extension of the payment of tax bills, the stop to the tax for the occupation of public land for bars and street vendors, but also one no tax area for those under 30, the enlargement of the audience for the pension advance, the deduction for new mothers who return to work or 15 days of compulsory leave for fathers. On the Basic income many amendments of opposite sign, with the 5 Stars who want to strengthen it and the League who wants to dismantle it.
The Pd secretary Enrico Letta is optimistic: It will not be an assault on diligence and proposes a majority political coordination. Draghi, meanwhile, after meeting the pentastellati on Monday, will see Lega, Forza Italia and Pd and Wednesday Leu, the centrists and Italia Viva.

The Superbonus: the extension request

The request for an extension to the whole of 2022 of Superbonus 110% also for single-family homes supported by all political forces. Instead, the recipe for the audience to be subjected to income limits changes (the text now provides for an Isee ceiling of 25 thousand euros). The 5 Stars reiterated the need to eliminate any limit. The other political forces instead ask to keep it but increasing it: the League to 50 thousand, but by inserting a decalage to 80% and extending the bonus to non-profit organizations, while for Italia Viva Isee it can reach 40 thousand euros and Leu also asks for a increase. Everyone also agrees on a more incisive intervention to counter the expensive bills, because two billion, as the League says, is no longer enough.

The knot of citizenship income

The crux of citizenship income remains. The 5 Stars remain opposed to any tightening while the Northern League leader Matteo Salvini will ask to allocate part of the resources of the measure to the increase in invalidity pensions. The Lega also raises on the flat-tax: up to 100 thousand euros at a rate of 20%, and on the VAT cut in the three-year period 2022-2024 on basic necessities. And if the Democratic Party assumes greater flexibility in leaving work with the enlargement of the Ape, Forza Italia asks for another 2 billion to be allocated to tax cuts and an extension, even selective, of the payment of tax bills, while Italia Viva aims to a no tax area for under 30s.
Meanwhile, the times of the ok to the tax bill in the Senate are getting longer. Throughout the night, the Finance and Labor committees have been examining the amendments so as to give the government time to present a big amendment in the House that will be trusted.

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