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The final go-ahead of Montecitorio is expected by tomorrow. Then, the provision will pass to the Senate exam: this is where the real match is played. And on Wednesday, in Brussels, the other match, the one with Europe: meeting Conte-Juncker


The government collects the trust of the House Chamber on the maneuver with 330 yes, 219 no and one abstained.

The examination of the Budget Law proceeds slowly. After the confidence in Article 1, the room resumed at 21 the votes on the remaining articles, from 2 to 19. Two hours later, however, is still the first point to the examination, given the many interventions of the deputies of the opposition, in detail of the Democratic Party The session, according to what was established yesterday by the group leaders, should stop at 24 and then resume tomorrow to the bitter end. No minister is present in the courtroom.

The final go-ahead of Montecitorio is expected by tomorrow. Then, the provision will pass to the Senate exam, where the real match will be played. The other part, the one with Brussels, will be played on Wednesday: Conte-Juncker meeting.

The text of the maneuver was yesterday subject to changes by the Budget, because some provisions presented problematic profiles from the point of view of financial coverage. Not only: retouched the ecotax for polluting cars, after the tensions in the majority with Matteo Salvini's alt.

The maneuver is worth about 37 billion, financed for 22 billion in deficit, and provides for interventions for 41.3 billion in 2019, also taking into account the accounting implications of the related tax decree.

While waiting for the government to dissolve the 'knots' in the Senate on weight changes, the Budget Committee has approved many amendments in Montecitorio including many micro-measures and local actions or for specific institutions and institutions, some meritorious as money for the Library Italian for blind "Regina Margherita" of Monza and for the Italian Library for the visually impaired "BII Onlus".

Many of these measures were financed with a corresponding reduction of the "Fund for the implementation of the government program". Here are some of the micro-measures that got the go-ahead. Among the 'mancette', the VAT for spa treatments was skipped at the last minute, when, at a corner and already after the start of the debate in the Chamber, we realized that it was too expensive.

Resources for the Po basin
For the safety of the existing bridges and the construction of new bridges to replace the existing ones with structural safety problems on the Po basin, 50 million euros arrive from 2019 to 2023. An appropriation that has raised the protest of the Provinces that do not they are able to understand "why, in a situation of criticality and emergency that unites bridges and tunnels all over the country, it has been decided to intervene to make only the works of the Po basin safe".

To the European project Industrial Engineering and Managment two million from 2019
For the promotion of the project "European Industrial Engineering and Management School", it authorizes the expenditure of 2 million euros starting from the year 2019, to be allocated to the financing of innovative training projects in Italy.

Thousands of Euros discount to keep the guide dogs
Double the tax deductions for expenses incurred by the blind to keep their guide dogs, currently amounts to 516 euros.

For Reggio Calabria airport 35 million in 3 years
Incoming 15 million euro for 2019 and 10 million for each of the years 2020 and 2021 for the airport of Reggio Calabria, aimed at allowing the restructuring works and the security of the airport.

Excise cuts for breweries
The excise tax on beer is generally reduced from 3 to 2.99 euros and for beer made in small-scale craft breweries a reduced rate of 40 percent is expected compared to the ordinary rate.

Reimbursement of driving expenses for young truck drivers
Half of the costs for obtaining the driving license and professional qualifications for young drivers for up to 35 years will be reimbursed.

Funds in the Museum of Istrian-Rijeka-Dalmatian Civilization and for the Historical Archive of Rijeka
100 thousand euros a year more for each of the years of the three-year period 2019-202. The Fondazione Cineteca Italiana of Milan and the Cineteca del Friuli of Gemona del Friuli are included among the bodies whose activities are supported by the Ministry for cultural heritage and activities from the Cinema and Audiovisual Fund.

Resources for bands and festivals, Matera and design
In support of festivals, choirs and bands (1 million euros); for the realization of cultural initiatives in Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019 (2 million euros); to the Fund for the development of investments in cinema and in the audiovisual sector (+4 million); to lyrical-symphonic foundations (12.5 million); the promotion of applied arts such as fashion, design and graphics (3.5 million); projects for the promotion, research, protection and dissemination of knowledge of life, work and places linked to the figure of Ovid (700 thousand euros).

But the real game is played in the Senate
The gialloverde executive is hunting for resources. This is why the budget law will be rewritten at Palazzo Madama. The parliamentary passage to Montecitorio has not proved decisive and the interventions on the cardinal measures, income of citizenship and pensions, have been postponed to the Senate. In order to implement the correction required by Brussels, it is necessary to identify additional financial areas that should come from the reformulation of the budgeted cover for the two reforms: 6.7 billion for the exceeding of Fornero (7 from 2020) and 9 for citizenship income, overall 16 billion. During the second parliamentary reading, the government should present the amendment on 'quota 100' for pensions, but the fate of the measure, dear to the League, is closely tied to the income of citizenship, the workhorse of the Five Stars, still being defined. The Senate could also get the grip on gold pensions, another topic dear to the pentastellati, with a cut that will vary from a minimum of 25 to a maximum of 40% for the highest checks. Just as we should proceed with the reduction of funds to newspapers, radio and TV. Among the nodes to be dissolved, which divide the two majority shareholders, also the eco tax on polluting cars.

The maneuver will arrive at Palazzo Madama next week, but the schedule of work will depend on the negotiation with Brussels. The key corrections to avoid the EU red card should arrive by December 19th, but the time to allow the return to the Chamber and the final go-ahead by Christmas are very tight.


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