Maneuver, the M5s sees Draghi. The proposals: Superbonus without Isee limits, fiscal cashback and incentives for zero-emission cars

The premier’s meetings began on Monday evening Mario Draghi with the majority groups on the budget law. The first delegation received was that of 5 star movement composed of the head of the government delegation Stefano Patuanelli and by the group leaders in the Chamber and the Senate, Davide Crippa and Mariolina Castellone. Tuesday will be the turn of League, Pd e Be. Meanwhile, the Senate are arriving amendments to the maneuver and are approx 950 those presented by pentastellati. The main proposals concern the extension of the Super bonus through 2022 on single-family houses without limits of Isee (now the text provides on the contrary a ceiling of 25 thousand euros) and the immediate reimbursement of deductible expenses, the so-called cashback tax. At Palazzo Madama the majority parties – which will compete in the first vote on the tax decree during the night – all present themselves with very substantial packages: 1,108 amendments by Be, 865 those of Pd., 976 from League, 468 from living Italy. Another 890 came from the mixed group, including about 250 from Leu, and 210 from the Autonomies. On the other hand, there are 785 amendments by FdI. In all they are 6.290 the amendments submitted to the Senate Budget Committee.

“We also asked for an answer to the automotive sector, where, in fact, there are not even incentives for zero emissions, ”said Crippa. “This is a problem, also linked to the production capacity, as in Turin with the 500 electric, which has been the best-selling in Italy for some time in recent months. We must find the resources to allow the registrations of zero emissions registered again next year “. We also discussed the energy price increases: “We were the first to bring to Parliament the need to provide for a fund that would help families and businesses in the current quarter. And we are already worrying about what the risk will be in the next quarter, with the new year: the forecasts are not rosy, so we asked that those 2 billion that today are in the maneuver are implemented, with immediate and even structural measures, that is shifting part of the costs to general taxation“.

Castellone added that the Movement has presented Minister Franco and President Draghi with other changes for “better access to services by citizens, and by services I mean a health care ever closer to the patient’s home, more and more territorial, for example by strengthening all the mechanisms of diagnosis of cancer patients, to make up for the chronic delays that we have accumulated this year “.

Patuanelli after the meeting claimed that “Draghi agrees with us, the Income do not touch”. The Movement “was the protagonist” of corrections introduced into the Budget Law – withholdings worst by workers – and now “citizenship income must not undergo further changes in the parliamentary process, neither in terms of merit nor in the financial endowment”. And again: “It is right to foresee more controls but it is fair to say that from a social point of view it is a measure that has made the impact of the pandemic better withstand the impact of the pandemic for those poorer groups, it is right to foresee that action is taken by stimulating job search and increasing the concept from fair offer, but this is the limit, we cannot go further, to those political forces that are thinking of further tweaking it, let’s say firmly a strong no “.

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