Manrique could not hide his feelings and forcefully kissed Mabel

Mabel (Daniela Feijoo) met with Manrique (Gonzalo Molina) to find out what was on the USB found by the mother of the family in the De Souza mansion. With the help of the lawyer, a hacker found out the password and both were able to enter to read the content.

Mabel and Manrique were left open-mouthed when reading some documents, in which it is revealed that the marriage between Eusebio and Patricia is only for political purposes. They also found out that Eus should be the only heir to Eusebio’s money.

After reading the information, Manrique announced that he would let his partner know, but Mabel insisted that it was not the time yet.

Both had a conversation about it and, during the talk, the subject of the relationship that both had in the past came up. Manrique longed for those days when Mabel was his partner. He made a confession to her and kissed her forcefully. What else happened?

Moonlight is a Peruvian telenovela made by From the Neighborhood Productions for America Televisionunder the production of Michelle Alexander. The story narrates the love between León (André Silva) and Alma (Vanessa Silva), but due to life circumstances the couple ends their relationship.

In the second season, Bella (Mayella Lloclla) appears, a beautiful woman who will make a great impression on the singer and Luz (Naima Luna) and will give a twist in the story of the protagonists. Don’t miss the chapters from Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm

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